Omnifreaker has me freaked.

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Um, so this is what Omnifreaker's !Human Surface Base is supposed to do?

Perhaps it didn't like the skin I had on my K4? Or perhaps it didn't like K4?

I was looking at Greywulf's lair

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500 x 500 - 54K
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    RE-apply your texture materials with whatever file you did before.

    Then go to the Human Surface shader, hold down the control key, and click on it. The second button will say "Replace" change that to "Ignore"

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    Hmm. Every time I think I know something... I never knew to control-double-click before. That's new.

    Looks like I forgot to apply it to his gums

    500 x 500 - 54K
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    Oh, one more...

    These 2 "HDR KHPark" and "HDR KHKitchen." You apply these to eyes to get different catchlights?

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