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How do I take (or copy) files that are in my 'Content Library' pane, in 'Daz Studio Formats/My Library/Scenes' so that I can move or import them to another computer with DazStudio4.5?

With help, I located the files (figures) in the Content Library above. (I usually find them by clicking 'file' and 'open', which takes me to 'scenes'.)

They are not rendered pictures, but figures still being adapted for rendering. If I cannot transfer them, I will have to remake them to develop them in the newer computer.

I was not successful in copying them to flash drive or cd.

Is there another way they are transferred or copied? Or did I make a mistake in my attempt?

It would save me a lot of extra work if i could get them into the other computer. But I need to know if that is still possible or not.

EDITING POST: My computer JUST told me that it could not copy files to flash drive, but I think it actually did copy them, I'm checking on that. IF If the copy was successful, how would I proceed to install them?

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    DAZ Scene files rely upon the 'data' folder to load. The data folder holds information that is necessary for the Scene to work properly, so you would need to make sure that both computers have access to that folder.

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    You're right!

    Despite what my operating system told me, the files DID copy to my flash drive.

    I brought up the same folder I was using in the old computer and installed the files there.

    The figures DID come up (in DazStudio4.5), but were incomplete because I have not yet downloaded the files related to articles such as, for example.

    A pane did inform me of the files that were required, and I recognized them.

    Once I download them into the new computer, the files should...I'm correctly.

    VERY interesting how this is working out!

    It will take me a few free hours to download the needed files.

    I'll see if it works.

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