Curious about this figure, anyone try it?

TheCastellanTheCastellan Posts: 599
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I am looking about and wanting to look at some 3rd party figures and wondering if this one's any good. Also, are clothes and hair from other figures compatible with this?

Thanks. :D


  • icprncssicprncss Posts: 3,646
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    I know you can purchase the figure support files for Wardrobe Wizard from PhilC. Works well in the stand alone or plugin versions of WW.

    I believe XDresser offers a license for this figure as well.

    As will all conversion software, conversions vary from mesh to mesh.

  • LuckBeLuckBe Posts: 81
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    She'll need her own clothes and such, but there is a crossdresser plugin for her, it looks like, that would let you use clothing from nearly any figure on her. Hair you can always parent to the head instead of conforming.

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    Some of 3Dreams hairs come with fits for her.

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