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When purchasing a new desktop, are there any considerations to keep in mind in order to get the optimum (yet affordable) system that will handle future Daz - Bryce, ect... projects?


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    This is what I have have just had built.

    Processor (CPU) AMD A8-3870K APU (3.0GHz, 4 Cores) & AMD Radeon™ HD 6550D Graphics
    Motherboard ASUS® F1A75-M: FM1 A-SERIES, SATA 6.0GB/s, USB 3.0
    Memory (RAM) 8GB SAMSUNG DUAL-DDR3 1333MHz (2 X 4GB)
    Graphics Card 1GB AMD RADEON™ HD6450 - DVI,HDMI,VGA - DX® 11
    2nd Graphics Card NONE
    Memory - 1st Hard Disk 500GB 3.5" SATA-III 6GB/s HDD 7200RPM 16MB CACHE
    2nd Hard Disk 1TB 3.5" SATA-III 6GB/s HDD 7200RPM 32MB CACHE
    3rd Hard Disk NONE
    4th Hard Disk NONE
    2nd DVD/BLU-RAY Drive NONE
    Memory Card Reader NONE
    Power Supply 450W Quiet 80 PLUS Dual Rail PSU + 120mm Case Fan
    Network Facilities 10/100/1000 GIGABIT LAN PORT - AS STANDARD ON ALL PCs

    Not sure if it is the best, but it was reasonably affordable, and it works well for me.

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    That's a pretty good system for the money. Its a bit more than an off the shelf model

    How much money are you willing to spend? There's a pretty big difference between a $1000 system and a $3000 system.

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    NOT three!

    But I wouldn't mind having a set-up just for Daz projects.

    I'm running on 32-bit 'old-timer' right now, and I've got to do something about it. I'm trying to move things over to something newer until I make the real change.

    I'm developing Genesis figures are are not accepting skin tones anymore. Mergers still leave the figures gray. Can't figure out if it's my system or if I'm doing something wrong. But I've got to move up to something better sooner, rather than later. This old car is fine for rout 66, but it's not handling the freeway very well.


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    On well. There is affordable and... affordable. I am also considering buying a new desktop, since my current one is slowly bidding farewell (i am afraid I have to blame DS for that, since my poor old desktop simply is not built to handle such a software) and I was advised to buy a new one quickly, before the old one crashes for good. Sadly, my budget is only about 800 USD (we have a different currency here, but that´s the equivalent). To have a PC built according to one´s wishes is rather expensive here, so I cannot do that and must buy what is in store.

    The best models available for that money here either have Intel Core i3 processor with 6 GB RAM, or Intel Core i5 processor with only 4 GB RAM. Or they have 8 GB RAM, with Intel Pentium Dual-Core. Can anyone tell me which combination should I prefer? Which would be able to handle the current version of DS 4.5 reasonably? I am completely clueless when it comes to computer hardware.

    Right now I only run DS 4.0 because my current desktop does not meet parameters for DS 4.5, so I wish my new desktop would be able to run DS 4.5 with all that cool DS-4.5-only stuff.

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    I just noticed the 'S' in my reply. That was NOT supposed to be there!

    That's 'old-timer'.

    This computer is an 'old-timer'.

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    dash2128 said:
    I just noticed the 'S' in my reply. That was NOT supposed to be there!

    That's 'old-timer'.

    This computer is an 'old-timer'.

    You can always hit the EDIT button and correct the mistakes in your post. If you are quick, no-one ever notices. I do it regularly... Sometimes I simply only see a grammar mistake after I have already posted, so Edit button is my friend.

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    My system actually shouldn't meet the 'params', but it runs 4.5. DID run 4.5. Now I'm having issues. And I'm not caught up on the hardware anymore.

    Good luck on your choice. Maybe this string will increase the info.

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    That's good to know!

    We can edit a mistake after posting?

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    Yep, it worked!

    Learn something new.

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    I know things vary, but my system here in the UK cost the equivalent of around $800 to have built. Yes I would have liked better specs, but I could just about afford what I did spend.

    The company I use, the last PC I had is 6 1/2 years old and still working, just sadly underpowered, and I did have a habit of pushing it to the extreme.

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    It all depends on how you use your tools.

    I recently bought a new system mostly for DAZ Studio. I got a Intel I7-3770 at 3.4 GHz (8 core), 16GB of RAM, Nvida 640 graphics card, and Win7 pro (64 bit). When rendering, DAZ/3Delight I get all 8 cores pegged at 100%.

    I would get the fastest processor you can afford.

    I don't think you need a real top end graphics card for DAZ Studio, but I would avoid the low end or Intel integrated graphics and get a Nvida or AMD RADEON card. The really high end Nvida and Radeon cards require a lot of power, so you will need to get a box with a big power supply if you want to use them. I opted for something with more modest power requirements.

    How much RAM you need depends on what you do. If you only do small scenes, you can probably get by with 4 GB, but 8 GB will cover most things people do. I do some really big scenes with 10-15 hi-res characters, complicated set, lots of lights. Rendering those kinds of scenes needs more than 8 GB of RAM. I've seen the machine (DAZ+Win7) using 10-12 GB during some big renders.

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    Tips: Processor Speed and Cores and Ram are your Friends for Rendering and The GFX Card is your friend for the DS Viewport

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    I admire you guys who actually know what you are doing while putting together a PC system. I must admit I have no idea which processor is faster and which slower, or how to even compare them. For example: is Intel Pentium Dual-Core slower or faster than Intel Core i5? What kind of graphic card is high end, which medium, and which just sucks? Or how much GHz should a good CPU have? (Is it the higher the better, or the lower the better?) These and similar are mysteries I will probably never understand. I can handle software quite well, but hardware is for me simply a (magical) case, on which you push a button and it works...

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    Had the same question before I bought my new desktop.(I am afraid I am not qualified to build my own system. ) The Daz people recommended the i7 Processor, with at least 4gb of memory(more is better if you want to put a lot of figures and sets in one scene.) Video card with at least 1gb and Hard drive with at least 1gb. What I ended up buying was the Dell 8500XPS. The specs are:
    1) 3rd generation Intel Core i7-3770 Processor (up to 3.90 ghz)
    2) operating system- windows 7
    3) Memory- 8gb Dual channel DDR3 S DRAM at 1600 mhz, can handle up to 24 gb of memory
    4) Hard Drive- 2TB 7200 rpm SATA 6.0 gb/s
    5) Video Card- Amd Radeon HD 7570 1gb GDD R5

    The cost was $899.00 American, you could probably get it for less with less memory and a smaller hard drive.

    I am a computer noob when it comes to hardware but( I was able to add another 8gb of memory to total 16gb) this system runs like a dream and handles multiple sets and figures very easy. Renders extremely fast.

    I believe you can find the information they recommend somewhere on their front page, or you can just ask them.
    Hope this helps!!!!

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    One of the first effects when my pootie is overburdend are the crazy surfaces of my figures.
    Sometimes DAZ tells me, I should change the settings for the texture appearance quality because my RAM is low.
    But I wonder if it's less the main random processor memory but the Graphic RAM that is overburdend then.

    Before I'm buying a new system I help myself by building up a project part by part and put all together by an image program.

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