Content Creators Forums?

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Does anyone know of a Content Creators forum around anywhere?

One where creators can go to discuss projects, and share info related to tools/techniques used?

For now, I am specifically needing one that has to deal with DS, the CCT, and Genesis, but I create for Poser too, so one for, or including Poser is fine as well.

I am trying to weed out bugs (or perceived bugs) in DSPro (x64) while using the DS CCT's for a current project involving "Attachment" gear utilizing Rigidity Groups.

I am not a DAZ PA, nor a store vendor anywhere, but I am a freelance Content Creator who does custom work, and custom models that are included within some of others products that are sold through the stores.

Just looking for other creators who can validate, or refute my issues using the CCT's.

Thank you...

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    You're best bet is to post to the representative forums to get your questions asked.

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