DAZ studio 4.5pro viewport navigation with Wacom Cintiq

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Hello there,

I'm new to DAZ studio and started to use it a few days ago. I'm used to other 3D programs like Rhino, zBrush and Blender3D to name a few and all seem to work very well with the Wacom Cintiq. DAZ studio however seems to have some difficulty and I just can't find the proper way of navigating the 3D space with the Cintiq.
I found Pan and Rotate view, but orbit seems impossible.

Using the tools in the top right isn't very handy, and I hope that the DAZ studio viewport navigation can be setup similar to Blender or zBrush.
The response on some toolbar buttons is also kind of slow.

I'm using the Cintiq as the primary screen besides my win7 laptop.
Hopefully some other tablet users can help me out :)



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    I've never worked with a tablet or anything other than a mouse in DS, Poser, Rhino, Hex or any other 3D Software I've ever used, so I don't know how much help I can be.

    What I can tell you is that all the controls for controlling the viewport, and controlling any camera or light you are looking through, are in the viewport itself on the upper right.

    In order, top to bottom, they are: Rotate, Pan, Zoom, Frame-Aim and reset (to default position).

    The mouse pointer on top of any of those will control the camera.

    IF you have an item selected and frame something by using the Frame-Aim icon, the camera will rotate around that item when using the rotate icon.

    If you have nothing loaded (I load an empty scene) the camera will rotate on itself when rotating. But once you frame something, even a scene with nothing selected, the camera will rotate on whatever it most recently framed.

    The only way to rotate a camera on itself after framing is to use the sliders. (x, y, z rotate) in the parameters tab, and that is only if you have a Camera or a light you are looking through. Perspective view has no parameters to control.

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    Also using a Cintiq, also using newest version of DazStudio 4.5 and I'm LOSING MY MIND... it's impossible to do simple, EASY, things... like zooming in or out using the magnifying or directional tools. Can only move 1 millimeter at a time sometimes... sometimes it doesn't move or pan at all... sometimes it goes the opposite way you want.

    The total, complete, lack of ANY control is driving me nuts on the cintiq. Might have to go back to Poser just to pose the damned characters. I'm so frustrated it's silly... please update this thread if you find any answers. I'll do the same. It's just maddening losing 5 or 10 minutes (5 times a day) trying to nudge the view little by little, when it should be a (literally) 1 second, 1 click, operation.

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    Hi Wancow,

    Most 3D packages offer simple navigation through holding CTRL, ALT or SHIFT or a combination of that while at the same time perform mouse action like i.e. to hold the middle mouse button and drag. This navigation happens at once so you can drag at the point you are working and you don't have to move all the way up to the top right of the screen. This way you can make small increment changes of the view while modifying the object. In these cases the mouse action is replaced by the Cintiq and tadaa...... it's a walk in the park.

    I found that there is 3D mouse support and allthough that's not the prefered solution (the combination of the 3Dmouse and the Cintiq) it seems the only solution.

    It's hard to believe that this simple navigation through hotkeys isn't just possible.


    @Sederded, hang in there! ;)

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