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How do you organize your content?
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Garstor - 21 January 2013 07:06 PM
Dartanbeck - 21 January 2013 06:41 PM

Towards the end, you may start to get corpotunnel, or however that’s spelled - but it’s worth it.

Carpal tunnel. smile

No, it’s not worth it (the carpal tunnel…been there, done that, too rough, pave it). Re-org-ing your content from time to time is probably worth it. I might put a few beers on a promissory note and bug you about this again in the future…

I used to have a different runtime for each type, like clothing and hair etc, but after a while that didnt work well when I go alot of stuff.  Now I do it by year, every year I start a new runtime so its easy to find my new stuff.  Then when I want something I can go to the year I remember buying it and it is pretty easy to find.


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One thing about making multiple runtimes that I’ve found from my own experiences, is that if I have compatible pieces scattered about too much, it becomes a pain in the butt. But that may only be me.


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We just made several folders (In Dutch of course, but translated here)

Aery Soul (with products made under their current name too)
DM (Danie and Marforno - diveded in Vic3 and Vic4 and Vic4 subdivided in
-“Together”( V4and M4)

Animals subdivided in

Private (self made things)

Interior (with sub maps = house, hotel, hospital, West (all these wespoint products), StoneMason etc)
Rock and Plant
Clothes (vic4 and Vicdiv (div. = divers = all but Vic4)
Hair (vic4 and Vicdiv) diveded in AearySoul, often used, seldom used and hardly ever used)
Vic4 (poses (often used, seldom used, hardly ever used), Skn mats (divided in rases and SSS and not SSS) and Ironman 13)
Vicdiv (poses plus (see above))
Traffic (land , sea, rails, water)
Weapons (modern, ancient)
Outside (all outside that is not rock or plant material, as in landscape props, but not Terradome)

so we find everything we want easely within seconds. All is in the right map
As soon as I downloaded it from Daz3d, RenderoSity or RuntimeDNA I move it to the rght place

All DSON things have the same structure in the Genesis maps

The clothes (male and female)
the hair (male and female)
the poses (Imale, female, kids)
The Giantess materials

again . .we find everything we want within seconds

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My two centsworth.

I use a program called Zoner Photo Studio( free version) which principally is for editing but has a rather handy interface that I use much like Windows explorer. With two panes as you se in image below - the left one is my “installed” file structure. Th right pane is a is another file with the same folder structure and in here I put a picture of the product.It has an information tab wher ei store a description copied amd pasted from the daz shop.

I can the browse the thumbmails to see what Ive got and check the left pane to see if i installed it ( if I cant rememebr) If I want to install it I use left pane to navigate to my content downloads which again are in afolder of the same structure so they are easy to find.

It really doesnt take long to copy the info whenever you buy something but it did take me a while to set up in the beginning though well worth it.
I might add the program has many little features such as displaying video so more often than not i watch my tutorials with it e found through it’s favourites function.

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