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I am very new, I found DAZ through a google search and saw that DAZ Studio 4.5 was free. I am waiting for the disk but in meantime I downloaded it. I am enjoying it, using the already made renders. I don't have any money to spend on this, my family doesn't have much money to being with. How can I just use Genesis to make clothes and hairs from absolute scratch! I played with it and I got movements and posing the figures down I can do that no problem. Just I draw anime and write stories, I thought DAZ would be cool to make them more alive. I wanna be able to make the clothes I drew and hair and the face as well. :/ If someone could explain this to me thatll be great!


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    Making outfits from scratch requires knowledge of at least one 3D modeling program. I'm using 3D Studio Max, which is quite expensive to buy, but there are plenty of feature rich modeling applications which are available freely. Blender is a free software you can pick up for this purpose, and I believe Hexagon (which is designed to work in tandem with Daz Studio) is also available for free at the present moment. As far as actually creating the clothing, the basic idea is to use Genesis as a base and model off it. When you export Genesis using the File -> Export tool, you want to ensure there is no subdivision of any kind so you're working with the base figure. Working with smoothed models can give undesirable results.

    Once it's modeled and UV mapped, you can export it as an OBJ and then import the outfit into Daz Studio,where you can assign surface material groups and save it as a wardrobe item to be used any time you need it.

    More specific information will depend on the modeling program you're using and what, exactly, you're trying to make.

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    OF course there is always plenty of free stuff around, many of us started off by using free stuff.

    THere are some Freebies in the DAZ 3D store

    DAZ 3D also gives members a weekly freebie. This is the current one

    The Freepository is a good place to start searching for freebies.

    Some people have made lists of freebies and these are listed in the compilation of freebie lists

    There is also a list of sites that have freebies

    Any specific freebies you may not be able to find you can ask for in this thread, and usually someone will be able to help you

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    Hello and welcome!! :)

    To answer your question... yes, you can make content yourself from scratch for your Daz Studio figures. You will need to learn a 3D modeling program as HeraldofFire mentioned. He already mentioned Blender, but Daz3D also has a FREE 3D modeling program you can look into called Hexagon: (edit: I guess it's not free anymore -sorry... but keep your eyes open...Who knows? It may go free again. :) )

    You may also want to look into a 2D modeling program. There are several free ones that are pretty good. GIMP is quite popular and uses many of the brushes and add-ons that other popular paint programs use and is FREE:

    As for where to find more free content, Chohole has mentioned some of the awesome Freebies that you can get here, but there are a few other places you may want to look at as well.

    ShareCG - ShareCG has many freebies for various kinds of software:

    RDNA- Runtime DNA is a content site that offers freebies. They have a few places to look:

    and (will need to sign up to download)

    Renderosity - Another content site for Daz Studio and Poser that offers freebies:

    Hope this helps a little!! Good luck and Welcome again. :)

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