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Categorization and icons
Posted: 19 January 2013 05:49 PM   [ Ignore ]
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So, now that I have a reasonable understanding of how this beast works, I am ready to categorize all of my content.

As I have been doing with all of my characters, I am looking to load each of the assets I have and save them as presets, ensuring that all my assets have the .duf format. Then, I’ll be able to delete all the .cr2, dba, etc…

Before I go too far, let me know if this is a bad idea. So far, it worked wonders for my characters, as I have them all in one place and have only to double-click them to have them in my scene.

One question though: what does make the categorization appear on the assets icons.

For instance, there are:

- Scenes
- Set
- Actor
- Character
- Wearable
- Wardrobe
- Shader
- Preset
- Material


How do I for instance save a dress as a preset so that it has the “Wardrobe” icon on it?