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When loading some of the medieval peasant life items the background color changes from blue to white. Is there a way to change the background color back without changing my workspace layout? Changing my workspace layout messes up my personal settings.

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    there are many ways (eg, you can save layout first, and change layout to get buck default color, then load the sved layout ,,)
    but if you hope not to tweak or save layout,,

    1 change back gropund color from 3d view option menu
    (R121 G141 B176) is default color.

    and save the empty scene as default_bgcolor.duf,, (if you may need,,)

    2 go to top menu, Edit preferences >Scene>Background colors

    check on, " ignore setting when opening a scene file."

    check on "Record settings when save the scene file" too.

    it ignore the back ground setting when you load scenes, so you can keep the current back ground color.

    when you want to get buck the recorded background color of each scene,
    you need to check off " ignore setting when opening a scene file" first,
    then load the scene.

    (you need not check off, "Record setting when save the scene file." )

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    You can also go to Edit > Preferences > Scene and put a checkmark next to "Ignore Settings when opening a Scene file" in the Background Colors section.

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    Thanks for the help.

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    What am I missing??? The colour picker option seems to have gone from DS4.9 and I can't find where it has gone to

  • Window>Style>Customise gives a set of colours, including the (now non-rendering) viewport colour. Window>Panes (Tabs)>Environment is for setting the (rednering) background colour/image. Viewport is persistent between sessions, the environment resets to off until you set it or load a saved scene.

  • My background in DazStudio 4.9 was always grey but I tried to load a certain prop and it suddenly became white, how do I get my grey background back? (I think it's the default color)

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