Daz 4.5 FBX export -> 3DS Max = Texture explosion?

So...I wanted to try fiddling around with Daz characters in 3DS Max. However, when I export from Daz 4.5 using the normal FBX settings, the resulting model has some...problems. When I import the character to 3DS Max, the preview is fine, but the textures appear exploded upon render.

Anyone have any tips on workflow between Daz and 3DS Max? I'm mainly trying to create characters in Daz, export them to 3DS Max, load some mo-cap data from iClone and render the scene with the new Octane Render engine. It's really neat, but I'm having some texture problems, lol.

1920 x 1080 - 386K


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    It looks like there may be something on the displacement channel that shouldn't be there.

    Before exporting, go into the surface tab and remove any bump or displacement maps, for the armor, as it looks like they aren't making the transition very well.

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    I would like to try exporting Daz3d figures to 3ds Max. What plug-in do I need? I go to File -->export and I get the a the export file I then change the save as type to Autodesk FBX (*.fbx) but that doesn't work. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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