Eternal Sands and Realistic Sand Dunes for Bryce and Carrara questions...

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I am looking at these items with a lot of interest.
Both are very attractive.
Eternal Sands is for Poser and DAZ Studio, with a light box.
Realistic Sand Dunes is for Bryce and Carrara.

What, in your opinions, is the most useful for long term use and versatility. Is there any way to use Realistic Sand Dunes in Poser or DS?

Thanks very much.


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    Realistic sand dunes uses RAW and PGM formats.

    Apparently Carrara can read the Raw format, and Bryce uses the PGM format in the terrain editor as a height map to produce the terrian within Bryce, so I do not think there is any way this product can be used in either Poser or DS directly. You can of course export a bryce terrain to DS using the Bridge, but that is not an optimal usage of a product llike this.

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    That is really useful to know.
    I appreciate dipping into your well of knowledge.... :)
    Much appreciated.

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