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Come On Down - Collisions for DS4.5 (mcjCollider)

DraagonStormDraagonStorm Posts: 748
edited December 1969 in Freebies

This is the upgraded version of SITC - Collisions. When rewritting this for DAZ4.5 I felt the script would be more powerful if you could select what you want to collide with the selected item(s).

You will need to install mCasual's new mcjCollider plugin for DS4.5 .

With this version you no longer need to manually load/activate mcjCollider, the script will do all of that for you now. All you need to do is load your items (Send In Clones really helps to load multiple items ;) ); Select the 'collidee'; and then run the script. In the script you will select what item(s) you want, from a list of all the items, and then click on the 'Collide' button. Note: The collidee will not show up in the list, so that you don't accidentally select it.

Link to Down:
Come On Down - Collisions

1024 x 768 - 448K
311 x 324 - 25K


  • BWSmanBWSman Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    Repeating what I said in the other thread; AWESOME!!! Can't wait to try it out.

  • SzarkSzark Posts: 9,884
    edited December 1969

    Sweet stuff. Thx DraagonStorm, casual and Daz3D...love the plug btw...too funny.

  • SimonJMSimonJM Posts: 3,701
    edited December 1969

    This needs playing with! :)

  • CriosCrios Posts: 922
    edited December 1969

    Must absolutely see this,

  • RCTSpankyRCTSpanky Posts: 706
    edited December 1969

    Is is maybe possible to expalin the script with a few more pictures? I must say, that i don't have understand this collide-tool. Maybe you can show it on some pics, what happens when I don't use the script and what happens with the tool. It's just a suggestion and it's your choice, if you want to descrbe the script more or not. Thanks in advance.

  • DraagonStormDraagonStorm Posts: 748
    edited December 1969

    The promo picture shows the before and after...

    Top of the promo is a set of stairs with a bunch of rocks up in the air. I loaded the stairs, and then used Send In The Clones DS4 Pro to load up the rocks.

    Under that is the after..... a set of stairs with a bunch of rocks up and down the stairs.

    In between is where you use the script.

    1) Load a bunch of stuff into your scene.
    2) Select what item in that scene is to be your collidee (ie: the stairs, or a rolling hills landscape)

    3) Run script to select from the list what items you want to collide with the collidee. (ie: the bunch of rocks, or maybe a bunch of trees and flowers)

    4) After you have selected what items are to collide with the collidee. Click on the 'Collide' button.

    And that's it.

  • edited December 1969

    Useful! Thanks!

  • RCTSpankyRCTSpanky Posts: 706
    edited December 1969

    Thank you DragonStorm for the expalination. Now i understand what it oes.

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