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After some trying and testing, this is my first render with Reality. It was done with a single sunlight and I rendered it up to 1500 S/p what took about 90 minutes on my machine. It´s not perfect of course, but I like it :-)

640 x 800 - 410K


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    That is a good start.

    I usually render till 1000 s/p. but i have a slow computer.

    I like to check my progress by rendering a small version of the image so it will only take a short time to render.

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    I named this one "Follow Me". Well, who would not? :-)

    Used DAZ Studio 4.5, rendered in Reality 2.5 @ 1100 S/p, which took about an hour with my machine. Not too bad. Slight color adjustments made in Photoshop, nothing else.

    640 x 800 - 344K
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