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Can a newbie have a uniform designed that would fit a particular character (or group of characters) in a project?

Generally...how expensive would it be?

How many figure bases could they function on? Genesis, Michael3, Victoria, ect...?


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    A Genesis uniform should fit most of the Genesis morphs (V5 M5, child etc), but for a fit to other generation figures would require a different mesh.

    I have no idea how much it would cost, but certainly a lot more than buying clothing items in the store here. I would say you are looking at hundreds of dollars rather than tens.

    A better solution would be to find something close to what you want, and adapting it yourself with textures, and transmaps.

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    Thank you for quick reply!


    That’s getting up there.

    Sounds like I’ll need to do so development work to make it happen.

    I need a uniform for a project related to a 1950’s serial I’m working on. So I can create photo stills and generate backgrounds.

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    You could always ask Wendy (wilmap) to do it for you :)

    Or, you could go to sharecg.com and look for something you can adapt.

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    There are a number of uniform textures (mostly Star Trek-style) available for the Courageous for V4 and Valiant for M4 outfits - if you have Genesis, you'd need those two outfits and the V4/M4 Morphs for Genesis. Not very cheap (maybe $60-$80 all told, IIRC) , but with some texture adjustment would cover just about anything you'd need.

    Best of luck on your project! :)

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    Thanks everyone for help!


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