Help please: distributable form of a morph

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I am not sure that was the right way to ask that.

I am trying to create a character I want to redistribute. Part of it is an regular injection, not dependant on anything else. The other part, the one I am having issues with is depenant on Morphs ++. How do I save these morphs/spun dials in a way that I can redistribute them legally, so that you can't use them without Morphs++ being already present?

Using DS3A, on a Windows PC, and talking about V4 and her morphs. If possible I would like a solution that works in Poser as well.



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    For copyright reasons, I believe the only way you can distribute a dial spun character is through a pose preset requiring the user to own the same morph packs you used in the character.

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    But how do you make one? I KNOW you can make them so Poser can use them I've seen them sold. But all I know how to do is save as scene. I USED to know how to do. :(

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    Use the Poser Format Exporter (free in store if you don't already have it).

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