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Hi, I'm experiencing some problems with posing in Carrara 8.5 Beta
sometimes when I select the Hip on Genesis and go to move it up or down on a specific axis I accidentally select another bone in the figure and wind up dragging genesis into a strange and often uncomfortable looking pose. The real problem though is that clicking undo doesn't take back the change I accidentally made to the pose. Any idea why this is happening and how I can avoid or fix it?

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    When you want to move, rotate or change size of something, just move the small window arrow above the blue/green/red arrow until it changes to a cross, press the left mouse button and move the arrow to move, the circle to rotate or the box to change size.

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    I think Son of Belmont is referring to the selection of a bone switching to another as you click. The arrowhead invariably lies on top of another bone and when you click it, the selection changes to the underlying one. This seems to be even worse with Genesis. About the only way to avoid this is to zoom in real close and angle your viewpoint so that the arrowhead is not overlaying another bone.

    To fix a "mistake" on posing Genesis you need to go to the animation tab and use one of the zero options - "send bones to reference position" is greyed out, so is not an option.

    This could so easily be fixed if the bones were changed to solids instead of those horrible dotted lines. I've been asking for this for years and it is always ignored.

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    that's exactly what I meant

    I've got a new question now
    how to I put a key frame on all of Genesis' bones? I can't seem to select more than one of them at a time.

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    HI Son of Belmont :)

    hopefully this pic will help answer both questions.

    Use the Quad view, (or other multi-views) to see the figure from different directions, this allows you to zoom in on the hip (or any other hard to grab area, and select the movement arrows, without selecting another bone,

    Use Puppeteer to create a pose dot,. then click that pose dot to apply it to the figure, which will create a key-frame for all the figures bones.


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