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Hello, I was wondering something regarding Puppeteer.

I tend to set up a dozen or so animation dots on the puppeteer interface which are all templates essentially since I make video game characters that all use the same poses and animations. I noticed though, if I change the shape of the character, sometimes the shape reverts back to whatever shape was the default for the pose, and sometimes it retains the shape across multiple poses. Is there a reason why this occurs? Also, is there a way to make a shape apply to all puppeteer poses without having to copy the initial figure and paste to each pose and update each one?

Thanks for any advice!


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    There was a bug about this (retaining the last morph only and applying it to all dots when reloading the animation, or not saving the various morphs). Somebody else reported it, and it should be fixed in and later versions. If the bug was in saving, though, your old presets will presumably be missing the morphs information and thus you will have to redo them.

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    If I understand correctly, you have the opposite problem -- you want the Puppeteer dots to NOT save the morph data?

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