Would a Bikini requiring Victoria 4.2 Morphs++ work any well on V5?

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So I bought Victoria 5 shortly after I started getting into doing things with Daz 4.5 and as I go through the store now, I notice that all of the different character textures or elite textures for Victoria 5 are all posed in some sort of classy looking bikini. I'm looking to get a decent bikini that works well for V5.

After doing a brief search of the store, I found "Basicwear for V4 Unimesh" which I think would look decent on Victoria 5. The only problem, at least I think it might be a problem, is that it requires V4 and V4 Morphs ++ and does not say it is compatible with Victoria 5.

If I were to buy Basicwear for V4 Unimesh without owning V4 or V4 Morphs ++, could I use it with V5? Or would I just have to get the Genesis Bikini?

Help is definitely appreciated.


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    I suspect that with auto-fit the bikini should work just fine with Genesis/V5.

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    Okay then. Thanks. You guys here on the forums are pretty helpful.

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    The V4 morphs have no relevance on how well a clothing item will convert for use on Genesis, since the transfer utility ignores them anyway when converting the item from parametric to weight-mapped. (It will still copy morphs over for you, but that's more for using special morphs like "open/reveal/etc" than because you'd want to tweak the V4 Morphs++ morphs in the clothing.

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    Although, if the morphs in the bikini do transfer, they would probably still do 'something'...it's just that they won't be doing it to fit an Genesis/V5 'base' shape. It would be interesting to see what they would do.

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    You need the basic version, not the unimesh one (the unimesh is an add-on that requires the regular Basic Wear).

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