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how to point DS4.5 to your DS3 content folder in the Content Directory Manager as DS format and Pose

lihui987654lihui987654 Posts: 0

I tried to point my DS4.5 other import format to my DS3 content folder, however, I can not load V4, I thought I should point it as DS and Poser format, but how?

thanks for help


  • adamr001adamr001 Posts: 22
    edited December 1969

    Make sure you map it as both a DAZ Native and a Poser content folder. Same exact path.

  • adamr001adamr001 Posts: 22
    edited December 1969

    For clarification... On the Content Library tab, click the context menu at the top right, select "Content Directory Manager" and use that area to set up the paths...

    This is what mine looks like:

    312 x 570 - 11K
  • lihui987654lihui987654 Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    solved thank you....

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