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can I sort my available downloads, because I don't need mac-files. Where can I sort this?
And if I leave the DAZ site and return to DAZ I don't need to logon, I see all my dates at the account (and yes, I've deleted the browser cache before!). This seams not very secure?

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    As DAZ 3D is converting downloads to zip files, which will be the same for Mac and PC, they probably didn't think it was worthwhile adding this feature.

    Did you log out of the site? Did you uncheck "Remember Me" on the login page?

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    Thank you for your answer. It's horrible, to download many files, because I didn't see all my files between mac, ds and dpc! And I can't uncheck "Remember me" because I don't need to login and I can do everything, I want. But so I can't unceck this function. I see no possibility for this! And I deleted the cache, but it's the same.

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    It seams, DAZ has fixed it. Because now I have to sign in again. But why can I see all my dates (also if I'm log out)? My billing adress, my subscriotion - all can I see?

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