A simple question,I'm sure has been asked many times

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Hi Daz friends,
I'm about to purchase the Micheal Victoria 5 combo.
What is the difference between V4 and V5?
Are they interchangeable?
Will characters/clothing fit both?
Any help will be much appreciated:-/


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    V4 is a seperate figure to V5 which is a morph of Genesis.
    Textures made for V4 can be used on V5, not really the other way round.
    Clothes made for V4 can be made to fit V5 using autofit, this is not always a good solution especially with shoes and boots.
    Character morphs made for V4 can be transferred to Genesis using a program called Gen X.

    I'm presuming that you are using DS if you are using Poser Its a bit different

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    Thanks Scorpio,
    Yes,I'm using Daz and gathered as much.
    I'm guessing I should go for V4 as she sounds more versatile??
    Thanks for the Gen X tip.
    I'm using something called Crossdresser which converts clothes however I may give Gen X a go.
    All this "morph,++,Elite" is sending me into a tailspin:grrr:

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    Personally I think that Genesis is much more versatile than the Gen4 figures as you can dial in bits of this and bits of that, V5 can wear M5 clothes, the troll can wear the same clothes as V5 if you want. Clothes that are made for Genesis usually have no problem fitting the different shapes, male, female, dwarf or Giant, fat or slim.
    GenX converts character morphs not clothes.
    Autofit is built into DS and converts clothes very much like crossdresser.

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    V4 is older than V5. DAZ 3D figures go in generations, and V4 is Gen 4, and thus obviously V5 is gen 5.

    As Scorpio says V5 is a character for genesis, and Genesis is the default figure which ships with DS 4. Genesis has the ability to turn into all sorts of different people, with the help of add ons like V5 and M5.

    V4 is stand alone. She will only ever be V4, or with the add on packs she can become Aiko 4, Stephanie 4 or Girl4, but these are all paid for add ons. Character packs will also give you more variation in her looks. You can get some free add on characters as well as the large catalogue of paid for characters. You will also need V4 morphs++ to create many of the add on characters. Morphs++ is really an essential add on for V4.

    Genesis itself is very versatlie. V5 is just one of the people it can become.

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    Firstly thank you Scorpio and Chohole..this is such a helpful community.
    So true with Genesis.
    In the meantime i've bought the V4 base and will give that a go..things you by suddenly come to life when your bored of the others
    Now to deal with those pesky files that have a problem installing in their correct place.
    Thanks again to you both

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    I hope you have fun with V4. She became my all time fave female figure as soon as she arrived, and I haven't changed my mind yet. :coolsmirk:

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    Oh that's so great to hear.
    Loving Daz and have so much to learn,but teaching myself something new everyday.
    It's definately worth it

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