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[LINKS] Free Textures for the Morphing Fantasy Dress (MFD)

robkelkrobkelk Posts: 3,257
edited April 2014 in Freebies

I have reason to use a large number of different textures for the Morphing Fantasy Dress in a series of renders showing off what one can do with D|S. Thus, I surfed ShareCG for some... and decided the results list may as well be the start of another themed list of free resources.

All MFD textures work on all MFD outfits, with the exception of the SP3 dress and textures (which are not listed here).

Any entry marked with an asterisk (*) loads into Daz Studio 4 only (although a sufficiently-determined user of Poser or Studio 3 could probably extract the textures and transmaps from the downloads, then apply them manually).

As usual, additions to this list are not only welcome, they're encouraged and requested.

The dresses themselves can be purchased here:
Genesis 2 Female
Victoria 4
Genesis and Stephanie 4, and V4 MFD Fits for Girl 4, Aiko 4, and She Freak V4
Victoria 3
Aiko 3
The Girl (original)

If you want to make your own MFD textures, you'll probably want both the official template and SnowSultan's seam guide:

The list, as of 27 April 2014:

"Eowyn Green Gown" for V4 MFD + Expansion

"Eowyn's White Wool Dress" for V4 MFD Expansion

"Silk and Chiffon" for V4 "Summer Style", "Morphing Fantasy Dress", "Bang Bang" skirt and "Basic Wear" Bikini Bottom (fifth set from top)

12 Days of Princess - Ariel (part 1)

12 Days of Princess - Ariel (part 2)

12 Days of Princess - Aurora

12 Days of Princess - Belle

12 Days of Princess - Cinderella

12 Days of Princess - Drizella

12 Days of Princess - Giselle

12 Days of Princess - Jasmine

12 Days of Princess - Merrida

12 Days of Princess - Mulan

12 Days of Princess - Pocahontas

12 Days of Princess - Rapunzel

12 Days of Princess - Snow White

12 Days of Princess - Tiana

12 Days of Villainess - Anastasia

12 Days of Villainess - Cruella de Ville

12 Days of Villainess - LadyTremaine

12 Days of Villainess - Maleficient

12 Days of Villainess - Mother Gothel

12 Days of Villainess - Narissa

12 Days of Villainess - Queen Grimhilde

12 Days of Villainess - Ursula

12 Days of Villainess - Vanessa

12 Days of Villainess - Yzma

2 Textures for the MFD

8 Transparency maps (fourth row from top, right column)

Africa for MFD

Africa for Morphing Fantasy Dress

Amazon Queen Gabrielle (MFD, Tunic Pack V3 & V4, SP Clothing Pack, Expansions Pack for V4 Bodysuit)

Amazona for MFD

Autumn Fairy for MFD

Beaded Floral Textures for Morphing Fantasy Dress

Black Crushed Velvet MFD

Black Lace for MFD - 2 Textures

Blue Bavarian Dirndl

Blue Crushed Velvet MFD

BlueGreen Riding Habit FIXED

Brown Crushed Velvet MFD

Burgundy Crushed Velvet MFD

Celebration 08, day 3- Elfette dress for mfd

Celebration for MFD

chohole's space: textures for Daz morphing fantasy dress

Christmas MFD - DS mats

Christmas MFD - Poser Mats

Christmas Wench Dress for V3 MFD

Class Act I

Class Act II

Colors of Alice for MFD

Conte_MFD_Genesis1 *

Conte_MFD_Genesis10 *

Conte_MFD_Genesis11 *

Conte_MFD_Genesis12 *

Conte_MFD_Genesis2 *

Conte_MFD_Genesis3 *

Conte_MFD_Genesis4 *

Conte_MFD_Genesis5 *

Conte_MFD_Genesis6 *

Conte_MFD_Genesis7 *

Conte_MFD_Genesis8 *

Conte_MFD_Genesis9 *

DA- Chic for MFD - B/W

Dame_MFD_Genesis1 *

Dame_MFD_Genesis2 *

Dame_MFD_Genesis3 *

Dame_MFD_Genesis4 *

Dame_MFD_Genesis5 *

Dame_MFD_Genesis6 *

Dame_MFD_Genesis7 *

Dame_MFD_Genesis8 *

Dancing In The Stars 1 for MFD

Dark for MFD

DarkStar MFD

Daz MFD Sequins

Dragon Dress Textures for MFD

Drama Queen for MFD 1

Drama Queen for MFD 2

Eachna The Irish Princess

Easter Parade for MFD

Elegant MFD V3

Elegant Purple Dress

Engel Skirts - texture pack for MFD

Expan 2 for V3 MFD xmas mix and match

Fantasy 1 for the MFD

Fantasy long dress for V3 & V4

Fantasy long dress for V3 & V4 MFD

Fantasy long dress for Victoria 3 & Victoria 4

Fashion for MFD:Vol 2 Deborah

Festive MFD

Fire and Ice

Flower & RedGold Texture for V3 MFD

Free Textures for Daz MFD

Galactic Guardian

Golden Red 2 for Daz Morphing Fantasie dress

Golden Red for Daz Morphing Fantasie dress

Golden Sun Gown for V3’s MFD

Gothic bride for the MFD

Gownz 1 and 2 Free Samples: "Forest Green" and "Cream Lace" (fifth and fourth from bottom)

Gownz 1 free sample

Green Crushed Velvet MFD

Green Satin Dress for V3’s MFD

Happy 2009 (at Renderosity: Boho Gurls - Happy New Years 2009)

Hubble Series 02 for MFD

Hula Skirt for MFD

I Love Spring

Jungle Fantasy 1 for V3/V4 MFD

Kairi Dress for MFD and A3

Kimono 02 for MFD (MFD and Kimono Expansion)

Kimono 03 for MFD (MFD and Kimono Expansion)

Kimono 04 for MFD (MFD and Kimono Expansion)

Kimono 05 for MFD (MFD and Kimono Expansion)

KMWedding for MFD OR

Leather Texture

Lee Dress for MFD

Light Blue Crushed Velvet MFD

Light Blue Satin Dress for V3’s MFD

Lingerie for MFD

Lingerie for MFD Flowers and Lace

Long fantasy dress for V3 & V4

Long fantasy dress for V3 & V4

Magic Green Gown for V3’s MFD

Marijuana Faerie for V3 MFD and MCD

Mat Red-Purple for V3MFD

MayQueen for MFD

Meat Dress OR

MFD - Cotton Fun Dresses Textures

MFD Dress textures

MFD fashion 01: Isabel

MFD Gothic Gown

MFD Mozaic Texture pack FOUR

MFD Mozaic Texture pack one

MFD Mozaic Texture pack THREE

MFD Mozaic Texture pack TWO

MFD Stained Glass Fantasy

MFD Sundresses

MFD Textur for V4 and V3

MFD Textur for V4 or V3

MFD Texture - CAMOWILD for V4 or V3

MFD V4 4th

MFD V4 SunFlower Texture

MFD_Blouses *



MFD_GenesisI *

MFD_GenesisII *

MFD_GenesisIII *

MFD_GenesisIV *

MFD_GenesisIX *

MFD_GenesisV *

MFD_GenesisVI *

MFD_GenesisVII *

MFD_GenesisVIII *

MFD_GenesisX *

MFD_GenesisXI *

MFD_GenesisXII *

MFD_GenesisXIII *

MFD_GenesisXIV *

MFD_GenesisXIX *

MFD_GenesisXV *

MFD_GenesisXVI *

MFD_GenesisXVII *

MFD_GenesisXVIII *

MFD_GenesisXX *

MFD_Pulls *

MFD-Winter Kimono

MFDfae1-2 dress



MFDV4 Fae texture

MFDV4 FaeBlue

MFDV4 White Rose Dress

MFDV4FaeSBC texture

Mini-Skirt Outfit for the MFD

More Texturesfor V4- MFD

Mourning for Morphing Fantasy Dress

Mudd's Women 01 for MFD

Mudd's Women 02 for MFD

Navajo MFD

Oriental Silk texture for MFD

Paisley Red Crushed Velvet MFD

Party Dress Textures for MFD - Lace Textures

Party Pink

Peacock Crushed Velvet MFD

Pens MFD Sequin Textures

Primitive Finery for MFD’s

Primitive Styles for MFD

Primitive Tunic Styles for MFD

Purple Crushed Velvet MFD

Qipao Dress MFD Blue

Qipao Dress MFD Green

Qipao Dress MFD Red

Qipao Pow for MFD

Queen of Hearts for MFD


Real Gownz Daisy Dress

Real Gownz Elf Dress

Real Gownz Lunar Goddess

Real Gownz Rose

Real Gownz Sunshine

Real Gownz Totally Tribal

Real Gownz Violetta

Real Gownz: Black and Gold

Red Bellydancing Costume

Red Crushed Velvet MFD

Red Top+Denim Skirt for MFD Z

Ribbonwrapped for the V3MFD (bottom of page)

Rider Gown

Romany Influence Textures for Daz morphing fantasy dress (search for "Romany Influence")

Romulan Commander for DAZ Morphing Fantasy Dress

Royal Purple for MFD

Running Doe

Samty MFD for DAZ´s V4 Morphing Fantasy Dress

Satin Dream Dress for V3’s MFD

Sea Queen Dress

Shivas Clothing - Texture mega set for V4- MFD

Short Sexy MFD MAT

Sickbay Gown for MFD

Simply Elegant

Snowflake Coat for V4/V3/A3/The GIRL/Laura MFDs

Snowflake DressFor V4 MFD

Sorceress for V4 and the MFD

Teal Crushed Velvet MFD

Texture for MFD - red-gold

Texture Pack For Willow and MFD

The 4 Elements for MFD

The Bridal Party

three textures for the MFD (second row from top)

Three Textures for the MFD + Kimono Expansion

Tiffany's Princess Dress

Trek-ish for MFD

Trixie’s Gallery (Note that there are a couple of textures here for dresses other than the MFD)

V3 EsotericStyle for the MFD

V3 Gunner Set

V3 MFD texture by LadyfyreGraphics (top of page - note that both links point to the same file; to get the other file, copy the link, paste it into your browser's navigation bar, change "" to "", then press enter)

V3 MFD textures chinese dragon style

V3 Short Sweater Styles for MFD

V4 MFD & Expansion Packs Green And Gold Textures

V4 MFD Dark And Gothic Textures

V4 MFD Fall Grunge Texture Set

V4 MFD Halloween Styles

V4- MFD Winter Kimono

Valentines Dress for MFD

Vistani Dress

Vulcan dress forV3/V4 MFD 01

Vulcan Dress forV3/V4 MFD 02

Warrior Priestess for MFD

Wedding for V4 MFD

Weddings for MFD

Winter Coat for MFD

Winter Holiday for MFD


WinterStyle Clothing Pack for A3 Cloak & MFD

Xmas SIMPLE mix n match for V3 MFD

Yellow Crushed Velvet MFD

Yunners Texture Bundle (Heroine Texture Set For DAZ V3 MFD and Unimesh)


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