Teddy Bear Series 1 - The Men

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Hopefully I did these correctly.

Here's a collection of all the guys I created for the TB series. These are all Full Body and Head shapes (I didn't separate them). I turned a lot of dials, so I'll list the ones I have because I can't remember all the sets I used for each.

Genesis Evolution - Body Morphs
Genesis Evolution - Head Morphs
Genesis Evolution - Muscularity Morphs
M5 Pro Suite

Unzip into DS - My Library\Presets\Shaping
Load Genesis or M5
Double Click to apply

If they don't show up automatically in the Smart Content tab, use the Content Library tab and browse to where you extracted them.

Enjoy. :)



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    Thank you, these will be very useful.

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    WOOF WOOF! Thanks so much!

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    Thanks... they look great... almost gave up..took me awhile to find the download button as I don't go over to deviant art much.

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    These look great - thanks so much!

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    These look great - thanks so much!

    Wow, these are really nice! Thanks oodles.

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