Possible to directly manipulate "ghost" bone?

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I'm rigging and "old" M4 model for Genesis and it goes quite well.

This armor has a helmet, which I've rigged and it works fine.

The helmet has two "fins", so I've
- created a face group for each fin (the polygons)
- created a bone for each fin (with the head = helmet as the root) (this is what I call a "ghost" bone)
- set the Selection group
- used the weight map brush to fill the face groups at 100% (the fins are rigid)

I can now position the fins using the Universal manipulator (mainly rotate) but only by manipulating the handles of the manipulator.

Is it possible to let the user position the fins using direct manipultion, like for example, s/he can move an arm of a Genesis figure?



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    Dialing rotation in the Parameters tab, with a fin selected, should work fine. But I'm not sure I understood the question. :-S

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    Thanks ReDave, but I mean direct manipulation with the mouse. Like click-and-drag. Doesn't seem to work on my "ghost" bones (but I can click-and-drag the body parts of the Genesis figure without problem). Is this because they are parented to the Genesis figure?

    Or am I doing something wrong?

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    Did you copy and paste the weight maps to all rotations? And, hmm, possibly, they should be linked to the helmet and the helmet should be parented to Genesis.

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    Yes, I have and yes they are :) (See the original pic.)

    Maybe it's just not possible.

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    Now I find my teddy can not rotate only ear ,hand, legs,, by click and drug with universal tool^^;

    if I select the ear and drug,, ear not bend, just rotate my head (parent of the ear)
    and if click t the leg and drug, it move my figure hip(full body)

    so I think,, it can not rotate only the node by click and drug.
    when pin head or hip,, just freeze the node which I select.

    genesis figure do not rotate the part of node clicked and drug too.
    may rotate other parent nodes by IK.. so you may feel as if you can rotate the node.

    I checked the parameter, with genesis hand click and drug.
    no rotation value change about the hand.

    so there seems no problem. just can not rotate the node by click and drug with universal tool.
    (if you use Active pose tool, it may work. but not rotate well as you hope)

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    Thank you kitakoredaz and ReDave for your answers!

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    Hmm, but it does work for my rigged rubber duck. However if I just drag with the Universal tool, it will attempt to translate, as far as I can tell. To enable rotation I have to point the mouse on the arcs of circles near the axes so that a whole circle (perspective corrected) appears and I can then rotate the limb (duck wing in my case). Is that what you are doing? If you do, there is probably something missing in the rig (or it may be a bug, although I'm unable to replicate it).

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    ReDave: Yes, I can manipulate using the manipulator too. But if I only have a Genesis figure, I can drag the arms (for example) directly, using the Uni tool. Can't do that with my own model, have to use the manipulator (or the parameters tab).

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