Collada Import Filter and Google Warehouse

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Has anyone had any success importing Collada DAE files from Google's 3D Warehouse?


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    It's been a while since I imported any. When I did I got mixed results. The ones that did import were low poly & texture detail at the time and the overall quality was all over the map, mostly on the low end side to the point of being basically painted boxes, so I abandoned playing with it at the time. The volume there meant I could only do a relatively small sampling though. There's no way I could say there aren't hidden treasures. Finding them if they are there would be the challenge I would think. Also, for backgrounds where DOF, night shots, fog, etc.. is being used some might work out well.

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    I've generally had better success using an obj export plugin in SketchUp than I've had using Collada files in DS...

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