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I have been trying to use pw toon but when I render, the figures are black. I've searched online for documentation and read that if the figures turn black it's because the shader and version of daz are incompatible, to reset both and download the latest versions - which I did, twice. They are still turning black and I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem and if they did, how did they fix it? The shaders work excellent in ds3 ... aren't they compatible with ds4.5 yet maybe?


Thanks in advanced for any help.


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    pwToon works well for me in DS

    The file that I have in my downloads is 7253_pwToon_1.2_ds.exe, and that appears to work in DS 4.5. Did you reset your downloads for pwToon recently?

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    Thanks for getting back to me JimmyC, I do have that version, I only reset the downloads the other day. But at least I know I have the right versions now and that if it works for you it can work for me... Now all I have to do is figure out what I've done to make it not work! lol!

    Thanks again :)

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    You have to turn off 'Draw Outline'.
    Then it will render without problems, but... the outlines are missing. :(
    Don't know if anybody is working on that problem.

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    Can you explain a bit more fully? If that is the case, a Bug Report would need to be raised.

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    Just an example.
    Both Figures and their clothing are using PW Toon shaders with the 'Sazzy Toon' preset.
    Everytime I turn on 'Draw Outlines' they are rendered entirely black. The eyes are partly visible, because I did not use the shader for cornea and pupils.
    What I also had to realize is that the interior lines don't have any visible effect.
    I tried for both lines several thickness settings and different colors always with the same result.
    Interior lines do not show up at all and the outlines cover the whole figure in their color (would it have been red, there would be simply a red guy)

    For it is the first time I use the shaders extensively I cannot say in which DS version the problem first appeared.
    The example is rendered in DS Pro (64bit) with version 1.2 of the PW-Shaders.

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    I am not seeing that behaviour, and I am using, 64 bit, Win7. It all seems to work as expected for me. I turned on Draw Outline, and Draw Interior line and they both work correctly as far as I can see.

    In the image below, Outline Colour is Orange, Width:16, and the Interior Line Colour is Blue, line spacing at default.

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    That's strange.
    Well, no need for a bug report but what am I doing wrong? :(
    I used a standard preset, so what else might affect the render.
    Is there anything in the rendersettings I might have screwed up?

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    It might be the Rim Colour Mode, which is set to 'Difference' for me, if I set it to 'Mutiply', using only the Skin Face, I get a completely black face, could that be it?

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    No, it wasn't. :)
    I tried it and know what you mean, but my problem was different.
    And... it is solved! :)
    After I reset my render settings, the shaders behaved as they should.
    Don't ask what I set wrong, because I simply did a reset to default values.

    Thanks a lot for your help. :coolsmile:

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    np, I was thinking about that as well.

    I have had similar things happen sometimes, and it was because of my scroll wheel mouse. Sometimes you are sitting on a box with options, and you try to scroll down the pane, and it changes the box you were in without you noticing it. That happens to me a lot, but not so much now that I am aware of it.

    Best wishes

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