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I can export my character and animation with all textures into cinema 4D, but how can I export the animation of dynamic cloth?



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    I don;t want to hijack your thread, but I tried importing an exported FBX (from DAZ4) into C4D, and all the textures came up as transparent. And since there were a lot of them, I didn;t go through and re-do them all. Is this normal, or is there some other best approach for exporting out for usage in C4D (R12 if it makes any difference...)

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    I do not know, I have all textures except the alpha eyebrows (R13). Be sure to check all boxes when exporting FBX. then, Try uncheck all boxs of alpha chanel in C4D. the jpeg maps must be in the same folder of the fbx

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    Hmmm... It could be as simple as the image maps are in a sub-folder then... I'll give it another try tonite and be sure to get the images in the appropriate directory. Thanx...

    BTW, is animating characters in R13 as nice as it appears in the youtube vids I've seen? I have R13, just haven't installed it. I have R12 installed, but honestly haven't used it in a long long time. Probably gonna have to refresh myself on how to even use it.

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    Hi There,

    I've also been able to bring in an FBX from daz into cinema with the animations and materials, but for some reason the facial expressions won't come in. I was wondering if you've also had this problem and if so, do you have a solution for it? It's been driving me crazy.


    - Rex

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    can someone tell me how to export an animated character and open it in C4D

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