Hi you all and a newbie question

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Hi community of Dazers! I'm just beguining with Daz3D and so far I can tell is an amazing software, I've seen all the products available to purchase and the problem I see is the instalation. Is there a way to install 20 .exe of models and stuff without loosing all the evening? Can I import the .exes from Daz so all of them remain installed?
Thank you for your answers!


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    Hello and welcome to the forums. You do need to install each .exe for them to work. They install in a matter of a few minutes so they aren't very time consuming.

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    Welcome to the DAZ forums ramirin, and to your latest addiction! ;-)

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    Once they're in your libraries, they're in your libraries. You should not have to re-install them unless you have a problem with the Content Management Service (but don't worry about that now...).

    Have lots of fun! Just play with DS... treat it like a toy and you'll be far happier than if you treat it like a tool :)

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    Welcome to DAZland, Ramirin. Install one by one, then sit back and enjoy the ride. It's fun, it's exciting, it's DAZ. Ask any and all questions you have. There are lots of users here who will help you.

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    And If I may, I suggest the New Users Help Forum for all your help needs. At some point in the Future you will move onto the Nuts and Bolts Forum and The Daz Studio Discussion Forums when you need better help for those questions that are not about the everyday stuff.

    Have fun, experment, try things on your own. That's half the fun. Most of the time you can not cause anything to happen that will be hard to fix. Just dont play with the Software Settings (Preferances and such) until you learn what they really do.

    Happy rendering, I'll see you in the threads.

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    as others have said, yes you do have to install each exe individually, and while this can be tedious, it's a lot quicker than manually copying files into directories, as you have to do when installing DAZ content from some other sources. If you have a Wacom or other tablet, use that for your installs - that's what I do. Just keep tapping that pen on the OK button whilst browsing the web or some other task and pretty soon it's all installed. My major problem is keeping track of all the products I've purchased. It's been just over 12 months since I joined and I now have around 150 items in my content library. Being the 'little Miss Organised' person that I am, I've got thumbnails and a description of each one in a massively-long Word document, all sectioned off into different categories of content. I just browse around that thing to my heart's content, concocting my next piece of art in my head before putting it together in DAZ. I guess all of the dressing up of my dolls when I was a kid prepared me for this;-)

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