Checkout is borked (solved)

H. J. ValdiH. J. Valdi Posts: 98
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I think the title says it all. I was trying to buy Diamond Hair and the site seemed fine until I got to the checkout where I was greeted with this.
As you'd expect, the 2012BANG coupon isn't working.

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  • anikadanikad Posts: 1,916
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    That coupons said it stopped working at midnight. I assume it means midnight daz time.

  • H. J. ValdiH. J. Valdi Posts: 98
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    Thanks for the reply. Checkout seems to be working now but I'm just not interested anymore. Diamond Hair will have to be added to the wishlist for now.

  • Pixel8tedPixel8ted Posts: 411
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    You might want to check your e-mail. I just got a coupon good for today only (01-01-13) that is the same deal as the New Year's Eve coupon.

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