Need D Former Help For Daz 4.5

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Are there any tuts for for the D Former in the latest Daz. I would really like to learn how to use it?


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    It hasn't changed from DS3, except that in DS4 the geoemtry belong to the root node (Genesis) and so you need to have that selected when creating the DForm, or add it to the DForm's list of nodes by selecting it and then in the DForm pane clicking Add Nodes and selecting the DForm(s) from the list - you might want to do this as the field is scaled to include the selected node when the DForm is created, so picking abone can start it off in the right place and at the right size.

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    Ok great. I found a video for the 4.0 version and it's being used on Genesis. I will post your information to wordpad to go with the video. Thank you Richard.

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