Whatever Happened to Gizmoz?

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This is not intended to start a fight, it's an honest question: Whatever happened to the plans for the combined DAZ/Gizmoz merged company? I thought that they would be coming out with new products that joined the two companies' strengths and product lines.

But after the merger (what was it, like 5 years ago or something?) I don't recall ever seeing anything else mentioned. Of course I haven't really kept track of it, so I could be just clueless. Anyone know?


  • Kevin SandersonKevin Sanderson Posts: 1,215
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    I thought they were going to have a combined website back in 2010, but that never happened, maybe because of the recession. Seems like everything about Gizmoz disappears after late 2009. One tech news site made it sound like Gizmoz acquired DAZ, but another said DAZ acquired Gizmoz. Maybe they just wanted their tech. Seems to me they had a facial animation program.

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    Was that facial animation thing Crazy Talk? As part of the merger/purchase, I thought that they were also supposed to be trying to pursue game devs.

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    crazy talk is Reallusion

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    The last thing I read on the net was that they were working on phone app software for the international market. Something along the lines of phone avatars or something like that. I think it was really aimed at the Japanese or Korean market more than the us.

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