Can I import Carrara hair into DAZ Studio?

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I don't have Carrara but there's a specific hairstyle I'm looking for and I can only find it here (Dynamic Venus Hair). Do the CAR files include an OBJ or something like that so I can open the hair in DS? Otherwise, does DS have a "Carrara Import" utility?



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    Think of all dynamic stuffs as software specific. Poser Dynamic cloth and hair is only usable in poser. Optitex dynamic cloth is D|S only. And Cowrrara Dynamic Hair is Cowrarra only (And NO - it's DAZ who spell Cowrarra wrong!).

    Some dynamic cloth can be exported as obj, but hair has no real geometry to export.

    Sorry, but that's just how it is.

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    Oh well than. Thanks for the info, and happy new year btw (almost time here!)

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