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Posted: 30 December 2012 09:24 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Maybe this is already posted somewhere here, even though I had looked and didn’t find anything, but I just found out why the XT-SKIES (in the original version of Worldbase) wouldn’t show up under Poser, even with the forum suggestions to use the WORLDBASE camera’s instead of Poser’s default cameras.  It turned out (for me anyway) that I had to make sure the ‘Worldbase-XtrSkies’ was selected > go into the Material Room > and connect a node from the image_map onto the ‘diffuse_color’.  Then *finally, I could see my sky in the background!

Apparently, the sky won’t show up under Poser unless you go into the material room and connect those two together.  Also from my experience, the newer version of Worldbase doesn’t have this issue.

That frustrated me for a good couple of hours unfortunately ... I hate being a newbie sometimes ... wink

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