A question each about sale dates and figure licensing

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I just have one question for each of these topics and thought I could get some quick answers to help me out.

1. So I see this awesome BOGO sale started up last Tuesday and I was just wondering, is there a link to find the end dates of current sales? I've looked at my emails and the sale main page and I don't see any end dates for the sale so I was just wondering if there was something I missed.

2. Would it go against the licensing agreement on DAZ Shop purchases if I used characters generated with DAZ Studio in, say a Unity or UDK game, then sold the game online?


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    Wait! One other question too.

    If an outfit says it is compatible with Victoria 4, would it also be compatible with Victoria 5?

    Same question about Michael 5 as well...

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    1) I don't think an end-date has been given - that's one of several annoyances with the new store, lack of sale and promotion end dates. I would guess it is likely to end on Monday, but with no great confidence.

    2) to use DAZ content in a 3D game you would need a Game Developer License (using sprites etc. rendered from DAZ content, however, is covered by the basic license - it's the 3D element that requires additional permission). There are licenses for DAZ originals (lsting DAZ as the vendor) and for a couple of PAs; you do need a license for each vendor you wish to use I'm afraid, and there are not currently licenses for many artists (though you could try contacting them directly).

    3) The different Victorias are different figures, and have different clothing requirements (except for 1 and 2). However, AutoFit in DAZ Studio will make an attempt to convert V4 clothing to Genesis (and so V5) - the results vary, shoes tend to be poor for example.

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    Okay, cool. Thanks for the help.

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