Ok to run 2 different versions of Daz Studio on one computer?

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I'm still new at this and don't want my system (or my copy of DS to crash).

Admin was kind enough to re-issue me a copy of DS 3.0 since my other system died. So, now I have 3.0 and 4.5 Pro. Before I screw something up, can someone please confirm that it is either ok or not to have both versions installed on the same computer. And if it's ok, what if any precautions are there that I need to be aware of when running one or both? Both versions are 64 bit for my machine.

Thanks for any feedback!


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    I have both DS3 and DS4 Pro running on my Windows 7, 64 machine with no problems at all.

    The only problem comes if you want to upgrade to DS4.5, as it will not run with DS4 and you have to remove DS4.

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    Thanks wilmap, so I'm wondering if it's ok to have 3.0 and 4.5 Pro "installed" on the same computer yet, I'd run each separately (not at the same time). I really need to know because I don't want to lose content, screw something up or have to delete/re-install anything. I have a lot of good saved content so far with 4.5 Pro.

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    I have DS3A and Ds4.5 on the same machine and I have run both at the same time too.

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    You 'bought' and paid for each, so you have a license for each...

    If your computer has the 'guts' to handle it, both can be running at the same time...I often do it when creating items. Not rendering big scenes or anything, so my 4 GB of RAM is just enough to keep each happy.

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    I have 2, 3 and 4.5. What you can't do is have 4.0 and 4.5 installed. Remember that the one you installed last will be the one that opens when you cdouble-click a DS file (except .dsf and .duf, which are DS 4-specific).

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    I also have DS 3 Advanced and DS 4.0 Pro on my Win 7 laptop, and have no problems with both on my system. In fact, I do that so that I can use DS 3A for non-Genesis items and keep DS 4.0 Pro for Genesis only. All I had to do was point DS 4 to my DS 3 runtime so I could access non Genesis items if I wanted to include them in scenes where Genesis is present.

    Like Richard I wanted DS 2 installed as well, but for some reason I was never able to discern, I couldn't get it to install, but the other 2 versions installed without a hiccup.

    The only caution I can think of is not to have any content in C:\Program Files, and use My Documents instead, though I don't install any apps to Program Files at all, so I don't have that problem.

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    Thanks so much everyone for the awesome feedback. I feel much more at ease now, knowing that two versions of DS can be installed and run without problems. Since I've got 4.5 Pro, looks like waiting and bypassing 4.0 was a good idea after all. You guys rock. Happy New Year to you all! ^_^

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