Reby Sky - installed but hiding!

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I've updated to DAZ 3D from I've got Reby Sky installed.

In earlier versions of DAZ 3D I recall seeing Reby elements in the Content Library I could drag onto the model to give realistic skin tones.

Now the only reference I can find is in Actors, Wardrobe & Props -> Shaping -> Editor -> Reby Sky (0.0->1.00) which sets the shape.

Any clues as to how I sort out the texture to give a realistic skin would be most appreciated!



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    Reby Sky for V4 includes a skin texture (which can be used on Genesis), but the Reby Sky Shape for Genesis is just the shape dial.

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    Thanks! Thought I was going a bit mad there. I swear I'd seen things in the content library only days ago, but couldn't find them today. I've looked through my order history, only seeing the "Reby Sky for Genesis" so guess you're right.

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