Help with Genesis Autofit correction for V4 clothing


I am trying to use this free DSF file from here: - by the way, are DSF files only for clothes and DSD are only for the genesis mesh? Are there any good explanations on these files?

I have tried to follow the instructions and cannot get it to work. Has anyone had any luck, and how did you do it?

Instructions per text file:


Drop the My library folder in the Studio directory where Genesis is installed.

Instructions for use

Aotofit clothing using my V4 modified body shape as the figure the product was originally designed for. And choose the suitable clothing type.

Add a little of my correction morph to genesis to transfer the morph to the clothing then set it back to zero.
This morph can be found in the parameters Tab under morphs>Morph transfer>V4 Adjusted body shape modifier

Select the clothing, show hidden properties and set the morph that is now on the clothing to 100%.

This now has the clothing back to its v4 shape when you apply v4 body shape to genesis.

This should also reduce distortion on other body shapes including the default Genesis female.

The files included are




  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,526
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    The tool reform shape of clothing which is made for Victoria 4, to fit genesis.
    when you use auto-fit .

    Auto-fit makes us to use items (wihici are made for V4) to genesis.but not perfect.

    you could apply to genesis that would "flatten out" the transitions around the bust area that Autofitted clothes Follow

    go and check

    bottom of this page ,you may find how to use (I know it is not good, I hope you may understand
    :red: ).

    I felt this tool is tricky, so I did not understand what I was doing before, but you will know
    the means of these files.

  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,526
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    I hope clipping image where you installed files .

    Because if you did not install them correctly , you can not use it :roll:.
    (did you ask same things befor on the topic. did not you?)

    you check your folda again.

    //your daz contents folda(eg MYlibrary) \data\DAZ 3D\Genesis\Base\Morphs\

    //your daz contents folda(eg MYlibrary) \data\DAZ 3D\Genesis\Base\Morphs\

    when you V4wear set on genesis, you may see auto-fit dialogue, not you?

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    Hi - thanks for the help. I have attached the location of the installed files. I do not see the autofit dialog when selecting V4 for Genesis. Thank you.

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  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,526
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    OK cramlow, you can not see auto fit dialog when you just selects figure (V4 shape of genesis or V3shepe of genesis, or genesis female, or V5 etc).

    "Auto fit" means If"genesis" wear clothing (which is not fit the genesis), change clothing shape fo fit.

    1. just load genesis , in your daz studio 4 new seanes. (your version is daz 4?)

    2. select genesis in Scene tab, then load clothing eg. "V4dress.cr2" (of course this clothing must be made for Victoria 4)

    3 If "Auto fit dialogue" do not comes in , you select "V4dress.cr2" in Sciene tab, then check
    Parameter > general > Fit to . if the value of "Fit to" is None, you change the value to "genesis"

    4 If you can not see the dialogue of "Auto fit" tell me your clothing, and your figure.
    (image on daz studio is good)

    when you can see the Auto fit dialog , you can select the shape..

    if you can not see the auto fit dialogue, It is not matter of "Genesis Autofit correction for V4 clothing"
    It is matter of "auto fit" . or How to use "auto-fit" of course I wana help you can use "Auto fit"

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    I don't suppose there is something like this for m4 is there?

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    Odd, I changed nothing and now sometimes it works, and other times it doesn't. Only with new genesis builds and certain clothes? Thanks for all the help kitakoredazu!!

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 43,405
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    I'm not sure, but I think it will work only on a Genesis loaded or refreshed after installing. To refresh, select your older Genesis and apply the base Genesis (from Smart Content/Content pane), select Apply to selected figure if asked what you want to do, and then undo.

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    Always learning something new, just when I thought I new most of it. Thanks again Richard.

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    I reset genesis and then tried to redo the shirt fit-to and I have the same result. Any other ideas?

  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,526
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    Hi clamlow.
    May I ask you what you want to do more precisely?
    I care if you can not understand how to use it yet can you ?
    ( I reserved some picture, for this tool, so stuck them.)

    Then, I assume you know aloradey how to use this tool,

    do you want to use this tool and reshape clothing(for V4) to fit genesis (with morps of V5, Hitomi M5, and etc)
    in your old scenes?

    If you made the sceane before you have installed this tool, I think you can not use this tool on your genesis.
    I think , because the genesis figure had not "clone of victoria adjusted" yet.

    It seems better that you think "this tool is one of morphs for genesis."

    (though you use this morph for transfer it to your clothing via genesis only,.
    and you do not use this morph for adjust genesis shape)

    however you can apply new genesis (which may have "clone of victoria adjusted" already)
    to your old genesis figure in your original seane.

    then just undo (for get back your original genesis with shape, surface poses ,and with "colon of victoria adjusted morph")

    of course you need load new clothing for use "auto fit".

    I do not have sceanes for test it, but I hope It may goes well.

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  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,526
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    OK. now I checked it.

    1 I remove wiseabeater folda then, make seane with V5 and save it as check.daz ,

    2 then reinstall wise folda,

    3 road check.daz. and try wear V4shirts on V5.

    I can not find clone v4 adjusted in auto fit dialogue ,as you say, and RIchard said)

    so delete the V4 wear from the seane.

    4 However

    on your sceane, must select V5

    just click new grey genesis.dsf

    You may have dialogue for road option. (apply or new load?)

    select apply new genesis on your old seanes

    5. then you menu> edit> undo.( apply genesis).

    6. road V4 wear on V5 again. then select V4wear ," fit to " V5

    7 now I can find " clone v4 adjusted" bottom of auto fit dialogue options.

    Oh I want to say so thank Mr Wiseavatar! I could not it on your topic, I use your tool everytime when
    I wear V4 clothes on genesis. (because I love gorgeous breast,, so,, wahu,,:coolsmile:)

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    What version of Daz 4 are you using, kitakoredazu? When I select genesis or the clothing I do not see the Morphs tab/button you show in your screen captures.

  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,526
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    Hi cramlow I m sorry to reply version is pro edition.

    Now I think you can select "Victoria 4 adjusted" option, and you set "auto fit" your V4wear on genesis figure(with V5morph?)


    then, I did not write in detail, now I try iagain.

    after you auto fit your V4 clothing on genesis,

    1. select genesis (Victoria 5?) on scene tab (check it pleaes.)
    and you must select genesis root node. OK? "parameter" tab.
    If you can not find "parameters" tab, topmenu window>tabs> parameters.

    (you can show tabs what you want)

    On "parameters " pane,
    you may see many categories (Labell)

    "ALL" "Currentry Used" "General" "Actor" etc.

    can you find "Morphs" Label? just click it. Morphs > Morphs transfer

    3 you may find "v4 adjusted body shape modifier" property ( slider) there.

    you just toggle a little then turn it "0" (my image2) or reset it.

    If you can not find the parameter , check Parameters tab option . and check "Show hidden properties "

    4 then , next, you should select , "v4 wear" on scene tab.

    5 now you should check Parameters tab option . and check "Show hidden properties "

    6 then, you can find Morps > morph transfer , "v4 adjusted body shape modifier"
    It may turns grey color, but it is right.

    now you adjust parameter to "100%" on your V4 clothing image NO 3.

    yeah ,,I hope you might use this tool., (I m sorry I did not try it on 4.5RC,,)

    if you can not do it, ask again here !!
    (and tell me, where you stop , )

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    It works! I've followed your precise directions and it now works in Daz 4.5 RC 2. Thanks kitakoredazu! Case closed. :)

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