Wanting to create the look of flab or loose skin.

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Ok so a major newb here. This all started with me venting anger at one author then being challenged to write a book myself. Now I want to create some scenes from the books I am writing. Here is what I have done so far. I bought Poser Pro 2012, V4 pro pack, V5 pro pack, M4 pro pack, Daz3D, Misc content I thought I would need and some tutorials.

Now of all the content and tutorials I have looked at nothing will allow me to create one major scene. In this scene Earth is occupied by an alien race and the humans are being herded into camps. the various camps are classified slaves, breeders (selective breeding to get stronger slaves) and a camp for humans deemed unfit (Nazi concentration camp concept).

Now I have found morphs to get muscular and pregnant but nothing to really give me a good emaciated look. I figure I may have to create this look on my own and have been looking for a tutorial. So far I have bunk. The only thing I was able to find was a model that looked like a skinny barbie doll. However an emaciated person would have loose skin and not large triple digit breasts pointed skyward. The look I want is loose or flabby stomachs, breasts, arms, and legs.

Any advice to help me get started learning and using these tools while also trying to stick to the concepts I am hoping for would be appreciated. Even if there is an excellent tutorial out there I should look at let me know. I have zero experience and want to learn.


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    genesis has emaciated morphs in this bundle


    The emaciated shape can be seen in the preview.

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    Thanks. I see that I missed that one. It is close to what I am aiming for. How would a person be able to create looseness of skin on that model? I don't know if you have seen a woman soon after birth but that is a good example where the skin sits loose in their midsection. Not to mention getting a deflated balloon look for his/her breasts/chests. Once I do any model then apply the skin they seem to get more of a too skinny look. Not the deflated look from weeks of malnourishment.

    Personal note I am not knocking woman getting pregnant. Pregnant women I see as a symbol of health and beauty. However it is hard on the body.

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    Thanks. I see that I missed that one. It is close to what I am aiming for. How would a person be able to create looseness of skin on that model?

    Usually you can do it with custom morphs. If you have some time and patience, download free Hexagon http://www.daz3d.com/products/hexagon/hexagon-what-is-hexagon/ and learn some basic manipulation (select, soft selection and move/rotate/scale, basically)
    From DAZ Studio, under File menu there is an option "Send to Hexagon" - put your Genesis into zero pose, apply Emaciated morph, use "Send to Hexagon" and it will transfer your model into that application. You can use selection and polygonal manipulation tools mentioned above to create flabs of skin as you wish. After you done, you can use "Send to DS" option from Hexagon to send your changes back to your DS figure and save it as a new morph. Undial back core Emaciated morph (because you already have it embedded in your own), and save the scene. Alternatively, you can also save modified flabbed Genesis from Hexagon as an obj, so you can load it later to another scenes. You can't redistribute "flab" morph unless you'd find a way to completely eliminate Emaciated morph from the brew but for your own purposes it would be probably enough.
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    Thanks again. Well my goal is to get my new pc up and running tonight (The laptop I was using died). Once done I will reinstall everything and start experimenting. I will keep an eye on this post so if anyone has other ideas please feel free to share. Thank you very much.

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