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Perfect preview - bad render (skin-displacement)
Posted: 28 December 2012 03:56 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Up to now I had nice results after modifying skineffects of some bodyparts.
This time I created a wonderful scene and all looked perfect - but in the rendered image a skin region was displaced.
I adopted the values of the correctly displayed bodyparts but without success.
I think, it got to do with the displacement values. Are there any proximale measures?

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Can you provide an image to show us what you mean please.

The Values all depend on the displacement maps themselves so there isn’t one set of values for every displacement map.

You will learn that somethings need testing alot…

The Spot Render Tool comes in handy when testing. The Spot Render Tool can be found under Tools or Alt+Shift+C. Just select the tool, draw a square with the mouse over the area you want to spot render and release.



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Thank you very much for the fast answer, dear szark! I prefered to build up the figures completely new and now it’s ok. One should not change too many values if one isn’t so fit with English.
Anyway: I’m irritated that the presentation is no guarantee for the render image result.