Any way to restricting an full body morph to not affect all body parts?

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I wonder if it's some tricks to apply an full body morp to just the lower body or negotiate the effect on the upper body. Or simply modify the full body morph.
I wish to make an catgirl with digtigrade legs. The beastbody full body morp in the beast and brutes pack gives me excellent digtigrade legs. However it also add buff morphs to the upper body making it very muscular something who don't fit the character.


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    you may need to divide one full body morph to two full body morph by 3d modelor.
    if the product has not head morph or, pirtial body morph (called as PBM, but actually it is same as FBM)

    you need to make FBM by yourself which can only affect upper body or head part where you want from the full body morph.

    then,, good news,,, if you have some good modelor, it is not difficult.
    I saw the tutorial , divide morphs by modo. (it is daz you tube tutorial why modo!? ^^;)

    and in blender, use shape key, you can divide moprhs.

    import genesis shape, and FBM shape as obj in blender,
    then select genesis, set base key as zero shape.
    and make second key which transfer FBM shape obj, on genesis obj.

    then, you can exchange shapes by select the surfaces which you want to exchange from other key shape.

    if you have not used blender, you can use hexagon . but it need some trick ^^;
    (though hexagon is more easy to understand each tool,,)

    when you use hexagon, you need one more stopover morph by tweaking vertices .
    and ues the morph obj, you can make Pirtial body morph.
    because hexagon has not tool to exchange shape (though it has same poligon counts,
    and keep same vertex order,)

    have you made some morphs and use morph loder pro ?

    if you know about these tools, I can simply tell you how to make ^^;
    you may understand easy,, .

    but if you do not understand well about morph , or morph loader or how to use hexagon, i
    t may cause trouble^^; so you better to first make simple morph by hexagon or blender, and
    import to ds as morph.

    (if you know well about morph and hexagon,,,)

    "how to split head morph by hexagon and morph loader" from full body morph.

    I wrote it on another topic,, then copied it.

    we can divide only head morph, from full body

    step1 export genesis as obj, to hexagon.
    then only head vertices (by surface group is easy to select ,of course eye or tongue or teeth,,
    etc you need to select,, ) of genesis, translate (0 , 10.,0 ) in hexagon.
    then import it as morph target to ds,
    make morph which can change genesis zero to the shape. name it as “genesis_head_y_10”

    step2 apply “FBMgoodshape” (which you want to divide head morph) to genesis in ds 4.5.
    then export the FBMgoodshape to hexagon as obj , select head vertices only.

    ,(must need select only head vertices, translate (0.10.0)
    which you select step1, so you need to use surface group. or you may need to make original surface group in ds 4.5
    to select seme vertices only )

    then save it as “goodshape_head_y_10” .

    step 3 in ds, select genesis, then apply your saved morph “genesis_head_y_10” .
    it must change genesis head vertices to (0, 10,0) like pencil ^^; (step1 shape)

    step 4 import “goodshape_head_y_10” on to pencil genesis. by morphloader pro.
    must change reverse defomation “yes”

    step 5 now I can make morph, which can change only body part of genesis to “FBMgoodshape” , without change head shape.]
    if you hope, you can save it as new morph (goodshape_bodyonly)

    step 6 I believe , next you can make morph which can change only head shape to the goodshape, keep genesis body.
    by use(goodshape_bodyonly) ^^b (it is simple math,,)

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    Thanks, so its possible but a bit harder than I hoped, has to look into it a bit later just tried out daz studio after used poser for years.
    Most impressive part is the automatic dynamic cloth, tend to be plenty of work in poser.

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    magne said:
    Thanks, so its possible but a bit harder than I hoped, has to look into it a bit later just tried out daz studio after used poser for years.
    Most impressive part is the automatic dynamic cloth, tend to be plenty of work in poser.

    What? I think I heard ya wrong! Daz isn't so good with cloth at all, but I guess to each his own. Daz has a lot of strengths but I've never heard anyone say it's dynamic cloth solution was one of them.

    Making a PBM from a FBM is kind of a pain. I just wish content was released that way. I've got a few morphs I've purchased that are useless because I can't use them partially.

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    mmmm,,,if someone hope ,,, I can make step tutorial by step with some pic @@; (but with my crazy English )

    magne do not worry,, you are poser player? so you know more and more than me,,
    it is not difficult, once you just understand how to improt and save morph in daz stuido.

    there are already many tutorial in this forum or some official document (eg R_kane tutorial)about making morphs,

    (not need make perfect morph at first, just understand How to import and save morph,
    play with hexagon for a while ,, you may try it ^^ )

    you need not tweak many in Hexagon when spilit morph. just need to understand how to select veritces of same
    surface group , ( material group invisible option make it easy more)
    and translate them to one point,, then export and save morphs ^^;

    need sometimes import and export obj to pick up delta as moprh, but maybe 10 or 15 minute work,,, ^^;

    ( you may only need to reshape after spilit morph a little around joint neck area by your self ^^;
    otherwise,, it perfect spilit shape , genesis body and moprh head , so neck area vertices are so dirty ,,,but about hexagon,
    first select only neck surfaces, then use UV soft tool,, just move mouce around area 5 or 6 times ,,
    changing view,, it can smooth the joint area.

    yes,, I think .. must need head morph with FBM .
    and hope they have adjusted moprh for genesis exporession poze.
    but hope you try ^^; ( but I know,, I alwasy hope not need tweaking product morph,,)

    I am afraid about my way,, it can not adjust bone movements as same as the original morphs.

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    I watched some youtube videos who looked good but has no headset on work :)
    Think I will look into this more. this is my best poster render. However her legs drives me crazy.
    Its an combined mesh of the creature creator car legs and V4.
    The idea of just morping an leg to digtigrade made me interested in daz studio.

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    I have managed to make some simple morphs with hexagon who worked well.
    As you send the entire body to hexagon did an experiment and found you cam make full body morphs directly.

    Just export, change the body and send back, assign and save as morph.
    Next I tried the legs, I have a project where I have use various morphs and an D-former to get hips to align as close as possible.

    However this did not work, probably as I had to export two figures and then group them making an new figure, then sending back it came as an static prob, no morph dialog or error message at all.
    Now if it was possible to somehow add the new figure to the old this should work, but I have no idea how to do this and it might be the main issue.

    Another question, how do I select body parts or materials in Hexagon? I can not find any way to do it?

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    Hi,, I can not check what you have tried clear,,

    then ask some question,,

    Now I think you know well about how to make FBM morph , and send to ds , save it as morph.

    then you said, you tried legs,, so what your work flow?

    I said you can not directly divide PBM for legs from full body morph in hexagon ^^;

    and I know your next plan may not work.

    "I had to export two figures and then group them making an new figure"

    never work ^^; because before I ask same quesiton, in Hexagon forum,
    then it can not work too. so first I tweaked obj code directly.
    when you mix two figure in hexagon, even though you keep poligon counts,
    and cut off same vertices, but when you joint two shape,
    it must break vertex order(edit). I tried it many times but no ^^;

    so you need to make "one more stopover morph " as I said above,,
    to take delta morph for particular part off from FBM.

    then now you said body parts,,

    first check the surface group of genesis, in ds surface tab.
    and select the groups by surface tool.
    if you feel you can use the grouping to divide morph,
    export genesis or your new shape of genesis, as obj,
    to hexagon.

    select genesis, change tool to surface,
    then just select the surface group by domain hexagon.
    simply check my 2 pic.

    but there is one caution. never touch "+" icon of shading domain tool.
    I think, it has no refference about morph target,, but,, you feel strange,
    because it make new surface group in hexagon ^^;
    and break dafualt surface grouping.

    so you better not touch "+" in shading domain.

    just click on the area of shading domain =("surface group of ds")
    or r-click, then select surfaces.
    and you can hide or visible, by small sphere icon.

    you can not select two or three domain at same time in hexagon by shading domain window,
    so that you need to use invisible or visible option, and change tool
    from surfaces to vetice mode, then select the visible vertices only.


    I hope you first try the head morph from FBM as I write above.

    try same way, as I did, and if you have problem, ask me again pleaaaase ;-)

    when you can understand clearly how to divide head morph,,
    you can divide any part morph from full body morph.

    and apply one more pic to use hexagon as you want to select faces and vertices.
    try and check please with default genesis shape, first ^^b

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    this is my way to select only head part with surface group in hexagon.
    and I discribed untill make strange head morph for genesis zero shape
    (which need to divide head morph,, you may not believe or not ^^;)

    now I check these step,, then edit some word. It must work,, if you do same as I said,,

    then this strange morph is my base morph to spilit head morph and body morph, from other character shape.
    so I often use this morph and save it.

    1. export genesis or use hexagon bridge.

    2. select genesis in scene tab and change view to Front view.

    3.activate the transparent display to select buck faces.

    4. from top icons, change select tools, cube to surface (face selection) mode

    5 use Rect mode selection on top menu small square icon, under the selection tools.
    then select around only face,, like my pic.

    6 now you can see, some domains in Shading domains window, turn blue.
    it means, the all faces of the group are selected now.

    and you can see, light grey domeins. (maybe skinneck, and skinhead turn grey)
    it means,, some faces of the domains are selected, but other faces are not selected

    6.lets do same as I say.

    keep the current selected faces, ctrl+B, (or from top menu, Display>Hide selected face)
    it hide selected faces.

    then on shading domain tools, skinneck turn show , and skinhead turn hide.(edited sorry ^^;)
    you may need to confirm,, click sometimes again about these two domains to hide or show correctly.

    compare with my pic.

    7 now you can visible only body part without face part .

    8 ctrl+A, (of from top menu, Selection select all)

    it select all show faces. so you select all body part faces which visible now.

    9 go to right down, there are three tools to hide or show,
    then click "show-all-hidden-faces".(or from top menu, Display>"show-all-hidden-faces")

    10 now you can see only head part of genesis is not selected and under head part faces are selected.

    11 you may understand,, what I want,,
    ctrl + B and hide selected face. (body parts faces)

    12 now you can show only head part (with same surface grouping)

    13 then I change tool to vertex mode. and select all vertices.(head part only)

    then change scale 0,0,0, translate to (0,18,0) in propertied window.

    (not important ,, y value is 10 or 15, or 18,) but all vertices of head part translate (0,18,0)
    on this case.

    must need to memorize the value (0,18,0).

    Now I make pencil head morph (you may not belive,, why I made this morph, but it need to divide only head part morph from FBM later,,^^;)

    14 after that,, show all faces.chenge selection tool to object mode,
    then export it (or save it) as morph target obj. save it as (genesis_y18head.obj)

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    please check the morph on ds 4.5 how it work with genesis zero shape.
    can you see genesis head translate to one point.

    "it translate all head part vertices ( 0.18.0)"

    but other vertices of genesis body (torso or legs or hands etc)
    keep same positon. not move, not change shape.

    it is important to understand the trick to divide pirtial morph from full body morph.

    Actualy youI can make body part morph to translate (0. 0. 0) etc, and it is more quick way
    to spilit and make head morph from full body morph.

    but I hope to see more clear. so it seems good first translate only head part,,
    it keep genesis body shape ^^;

    15 need to make one more pencil morph. but it is not for zero shape genesis. so first,,
    need to decide which character morph you want to divide to pirtial morph.

    I do not want to think about scale problem now,, so decide to spilit Ogre full body morph.
    the character morph don't change genesis scale , and pretty Ogre has not spilit head morph yet,,
    so it is good for me ^^;

    (actually I find this way for farie head morph,,but,, I make Ogre head morph now,, may use,, it)

    16 select genesis (with pencil head) , then zero figure. genesis may change zero shape.
    but it change your setting of mesh resolution. so need to change resolution lebel "zero" to remove sub-D .
    in parameter tab>general>mesh resolution.

    17 apply Ogre morph (or which morph you want to,,)

    ( if you want to change the ogre shape with your pencil morph,, lets check it now,,
    you may understand,, the morph not change Ogre head to one point,,
    because morph is delta. vertices of Ogre head positon are different from genesis zero shape head.
    so it can not work correctly.)

    18 export genesis (with ogre shape) to hexagon, or use hexagon bridge. keep ds run,, not change the scene)

    19 lets make pencil morph for ogre shape same as I did above.

    20 must need to select only head part (not select neck part,, etc,,) by surface group,
    and translate them to (0,18,0)

    21 then save it as morph (ogre18head.obj as you like)
    if you use hexagon bridige need not save it as obj now.

    22 return to ds,, then remove ogre shape by parameter tab, , or turn to zero shape. and set resolution lebel "zero"again.
    then apply pencil morph shape for genesis . (not ogre pencil head ^^;)

    23 confirm it. now genesis head vertices translate (0,18.0) in daz studio OK?

    24 select the genesis with pencil head in Daz studio,,, then improt the ogre18head.obj by morph loader,
    or use hexagon bridge to import the ogre pencil head shape to ds.

    25 you must need change option!!!! reverse defomation yes, and it is better to set good name for this morph.
    because it can only change body part shape to Ogre. I name it as PBMOgrebody.

    26 if you success ,,, now you can see your new PBM of Ogre body, on daz studio.
    (default morph>morphloader in parameter tab,,)

    27 lets,, check the morph how work,, you now see pencil head genesis. so that change the PBMOgrebody value ,
    slowly to change 100%, you can see clear to slide slow,, head vertices keep same point, then only body parts change.

    28 congratulation ^^b but you do not hope pencil head,, i think,, ok just remove the pencil head shape,
    turn the value to zero of pencil head morph.Wao, your genesis change only body part to monster OgreBody!!

    29 I hope you save it as morph first,, to protect your work.
    then if you apply Ogre morph (full body morph) then change this pirtial body morph value to (-100)
    it must make Ogre head morph. so you simply export it and save it as morph target,, then import again to ds
    with zero shape genesis,, it must be your pirtial Ogre Head morph..

    30 You may need to adjust around the joint part of neck. but so that I do not touch neck part.
    because it need to tweak after,, so you just select neck part in hexagon, then use smooth tool,, it must be make
    good smooth joint area. it must work good about genesis or remove head shape from ogre full body morph.
    (so it can be used to make more good PMBOgreBody you made first,,)

    hope you enjoy, to spilit morph in hexagon ^^

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    need some more pic, to import ogre pencil head,, and make head morph,,

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    Hi and thanks for the tutorial.
    The material part was easy, I had not turned on the material window.
    The pinhead was easy, and I can send it back to genesis and get the morph. however exporting and import with the morph loader

    However if I import the morph with the morph loader it messes up, problem is that the send to hexagon and back used
    Yes I could obj export and import using another value, has to test more.

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    about morph loader ,, if it cause erroer,,
    there seems three pattern.:down:

    1. when you export genesis as obj , you make some mistake. (eg not remove sub-D,, keep high resolution.
    or sometimes send with another object too. so you need to check export setting.

    2 when modeling in hexagon , changed vertex order. or changed poligon counts.
    if you use many tool in hexagon,, it may happen. but just translate vertices. or change scale,
    never change vertex order, and poligon counts. but you can not merge or cut or divide or join. ^^;

    you can check poligon counts in hexagon. in property window. under symmently , smoothing button.
    Number of points = 19296 is default counts of genesis.

    so if the counts change in hexagon, the morph must mess up.

    3 when import the obj as morph target to daz stuido ,, you do not select the genesis in ds 4.

    4 and onemore,,, when you export the obj from hexagon to make morph target,
    if you loaded another obj with morph target (eg two genesis obj or clothing,,) in hexagon,, you can not export only morph target.
    even though you select only morph target obj, in hexagon,, it may save two obj and mix it one.

    so you need to delete or hide other obj from hexagon, then select only genesis.
    export it as obj.

    when use morph loader and import morph target, you can not check the obj.
    but if you load the morph target in hexagon again, you can check it easy,,
    sometimes there are genesis and other ^^; if you have loaded two genesis,, you can check poligon count.
    I stuck one more pic,, fail case,,
    hexagon bridge is more easy.

    but when use hexagon bridge you may feel difficulity to stop work in hexagon.
    if you shut down ds once,, hexagon bridge can not work well.
    when you send buck the obj to daz studio by bridge,, it can not make morph. just send it as obj.

    so I recommend to know how to save it as obj with correct setting , in hexagon.
    when you want to continue work, load it in hexagon as obj..
    finish your work ,, save it as obj again.

    (I write these steps to confirm it for me ^^; and these are my setting, so there may more good setting,, I think.)

    hexagon bridge send the obj with 10 % scale from daz studio to hexagon.
    so that,, hexagon scale obj * 10 = ds scale obj.

    if you use hexagon bridge, and hope to save the work in hexagon, you better to save (export) it as obj with 1000% scale. (10th)
    when load (import) the obj in hexagon,, with scale 10%.

    if you keep the rule, you need not change scale setting in daz studio.
    save the obj in ds with default 100% size. import obj in ds with defaut 100% size.
    about morph loader , it is same.. you need not change scale , keep default.

    I show 4 pic.

    1 setting when I export genesis from ds as obj to keep surface group (for select faces)

    2 setting when I import genesis as obj in hexagon

    if you do same setting 1 and 2 ,, it is almost same when you ues hexagon bridge.

    3 setting when I export (save) genesis as obj in hexagon
    ( you need to import it , setting2 when you hope to continue your work in hexagon)

    4 setting when I import morph target obj which I saved in hexagon (setting3 ) by morph loader pro.

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    Thanks, it was the scale who was wrong :(
    I tried to check it but did not get 10, probably as the pinhead version is a bit shorter as it has no head :)

    Trying again now.

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    I hope you have been succeed @@;)

    then apply some idea ^^;

    just memorize where you translate vertices of the part (where you hope to make morph )
    you can choose wherever you want,, (eg 0,0.0, or 0,10,5,or, 10,0,0, or 0,20, 0)

    but you need to keep the translate positon , about pin head morph for zero genesis ,
    and about pin head moprh for the character shape . it must be same position.
    then take delta from two shape. ( so need reverse option.) you can spilit morph.

    when you try sometimes to spilit head part, you may find your way more quick and easy way.
    eg you can translate vertices of body (under neck )part translate (0,.0,0)

    then make morphs for zero shape genesis and for character shape.
    these morphs only translate body parts to the (0,0,0), but , keep the head shape of both.
    then, take delta of two morphs,, it become Full head morph of the character.

    (FHM or head part PBM,, I do not know ^^; but FHM is PBM of genesis full body I think ^^;)

    and you may want to choose vertices by your self when genesis surface group do not much as you hope,,
    (eg right hand only,, or ear,, etc,,,) it is difficult, to sellect perfectly same vertices of different two shapes,
    in 3D tools. it may cause mistake.

    there is good way. customize surface group in daz studio. by poligon group editor, and use it to make morph target..
    you can select the new group you customized,
    so that you can easy keep the same surface (vertices) about two different shapes of genesis.

    (eg when I spilit elf-ear morph from head morph, I make ear surface group in daz studio carefully by poligon group editor.
    and may change diffuse color ,,, to clear check in hexagon ) then save it as scene subset (ear_surface_genesis) etc.

    once I made the subset,, it have same morphs as current genesis dsf.
    I can use every morph for genesis. about the subset too.

    and it can keep the new surface group when you export to hexagon as obj.
    so it is very useful to select same faces (vertices) of two different shape. .

    but there is one problem to take it in mind.

    when I import morph target on the subset in ds
    it make new controller of the morph and it can work,,
    but when try to save morph in ds, it can not ^^;
    because my genesis subset has changed about surface group, not only default properties value.
    so that I can not save morph as the default genesis morph.

    simple way to save the morph,,,

    when I import morph target,, I must load the default genesis (resolution lever zero)
    on the daz studio. . then use morph loader and improt the morph target obj.
    (so I need to save morph target as obj in hesagon , first)

    on this case hexagon bridge can not import obj as morph.import obj base and export obj base are different.

    when make morph in hexagon, I used subset genesis obj, but when import the morph, I need to select,
    new load defautl genesis in daz studio.

    keeping this rule, it can save the new morph for default genesis,even though I made morph target
    by original surface grouped genesis obj.

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    It works :)
    Basically send to hexagon, make pinhead or pin the part you don't want to change. send back, do the full body morph, back to hexagon, repeat the pin process. but this time export as obj 10x size and load as morph you invert,

    The inverse load subtract the changes. Even made an test of the beast body figure. I however will need more tweaking and an additional morph with smoothing afterwards.

    Just one minor issue, exporting an figure from Daz Studio as obj give an subdivision as default and an polygon count who is 4 time as high. Exporting to hexagon and then saving as obj solves this issue.

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