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Hello, I downloaded the Daz studio 4.5pro and recently purchased for the mini mac the M4 and V4 Shapes,  Daisy May… but after the download it loaded for V4.2 which is now what I purchased…  I’m doing something wrong… is there a step by step for just creating a simple model with poses, clothes, with expressions?

New, to this venue, this is what phase I of my end goal, I’m trying to purchase a base model, out of the box man and woman.. I need to be able to change their body lang, (poses simple) face expressions and clothing to be rendered on a plain white or black background jpeg file… Is this possible for me to be able to do in DAZ 3d.  Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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Daisy May, if you mean this set , is a Victoria 4 product. The textures will work on Genesis, but the morphs won’t.

You should be able to do what you ant with the base Genesis, though you will probably want to add more clothes and hair than are included with Start Essentials.


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Can you link to what you purchased, I can’t tell if you purchased the V4 shapes for genesis. or if you purchased victoria 4.2.