installing issues with C8 native content & Windows 8

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hi guys... before i bother the guys at the office, i thought i'd check here and see if anyone has tried to install C8 on a new machine with windows 8... i need to know if it's my download that screwed up twice, or if it's a flukey thing between the installer and W8....
what happens is a new window opens up like where you would normally start install, but it's blank... nothing in it...
i installed howies snow scene (i still need to download my other Carrara stuff) and it installed fine and works, but the content is just not cooperating...
thanks in advance...


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    I ran the installer in compatibility mode for windows 7 and had no problem :)

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    okay, i've had the new computer for less than a week... what is this compatability mode???

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    Hi Evonne :)

    Compatibility mode is something that all new versions of windows have had, for several versions from Windows 95 onwards.

    In practice,. you'd select the file,. then right click, and choose to run it in "compatibility mode" for a previous version of Windows,
    EG: Windows 7, Windows XP etc..

    I don't have Windows 8 installed, so I can't give you the specific click, menu, options.
    but,.. try right clicking on the Installer file, and see what options you have in the menu.

    Hope it helps :)

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    hhmmmm okay, i'll check and see... thanx <3</p>

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    there wasn't an option to run in compatability mode, but there was a fix compatability, or troubleshoot compatability or something, and that seems to have done it, it is a process of clicks, i hope i don't have to do that with ALL my content.. that's gonna take forever!!!!!

    but thanks for helping me figure it out

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