Problem with Genesis Starter Essentials

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I have a problem with the download file. When I try to download an error appears and says Decompression Failed. I tried a several times..and still appearing. What I need to do??. Thanks


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    What Operating System, and are you using the built-in unarchiver or a different one? What is the full filename and extension and size of the download?

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    OS X 10.8.2 , Genesis Starter Essentials 1.6 - zip - mac, I`m using Archive Utility... and I don´t know the size

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    Newbie here, too. I had a similar problem when I installed DAZ 4.5 recently with the main program. It turned out to be an incomplete DL of the archived file from DAZ. I ended up redownloading. However, I have had better luck in general with Stuffit Expander than with the default Archive Utility, for what that is worth ( OSX 10.7 ).

    This is the free utility:

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