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i've used daz3d for years, but stopped before genisis came out. thinking of taking the v5 and m5 plunge. what do i need if i want to the v5 pro bundle for example? does a 'genisis' figure base need to be purchased? is that already included in the new daz studio software? basicly looking for an explanation of genisis and the new character packs, how do they interact and do i need to buy a base genisis figure with morphs? also, does my old v4 and m4 clothing, equipment and poses work with new v5 or m5. thanks.


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    Sort of yes to all .... better answer may be available!

    The base Genesis figure and functionality are supplied with the software and content. Genesis is different from the 'old' Gen 4 figures such as M4, V4, etc., by being 'all things to all men': Genesis as standard is a gender-neutral character, with morph dials available to add male or female shaping, or a combination of both. Victoria 5 and Michael 5 add additional morphs to give the latest version of the Vicky and Mike stable, along with new UV maps (Genesis can use V4 and M4 UV maps, meaning that all your old skin textures can be used on Genesis) and textures.

    Clothing meant for V4 and M4 can be loaded onto a Genesis figure, with quite good results generally - though heeled shoes and some dresses/skirts can have issues. This is via a process called auto-fit: just tell DAZ what the item was originally for (from a drop-down list of supported figures) and as an optional 'hint' they type of item (again, from a list).

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    Hi Georgie-0!

    Simon is totally correct with the information he gave you!

    I did want to add a quick note to let you know that to get the "Auto-Fit" feature to show the different figures in the drop down box you need the clones of the base figures from the products in the store.
    So for the clothing for M4/V4 you would need to make sure you have this pack as it contains the actual Clone data that DS's Auto-Fit needs to make the conversion.

    Hope this helps and holler if you have any other questions!

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    You Also asked about Morphs, the set linked to by Elliandra is a must if you wish to use lots of your old V4 M4 clothing. Genesis is a 100% Morph figure, that means that it will change into any Humanoid shape that is sold for it. And it has some good ones. I would suggest you take a hard look at all the Human Shape morphs for Genesis and for fun the other Shapes it can be.

    Another benefit of the New Genesis Figure is that 90% of all the SHAPES (Morphs) it can become can use the Genesis Clothing sold for it and Most V4 and M4 clothing you Autofit.

    I hope this was of some help.

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