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Looking for hair…
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I’m planning an anime project with Anime Studio, but I want to import either a poser figure or a DS figure, using Aiko 3 or 4.

For hair, I’m a bit at a loss, however.  I have yet to install the software, but I’m aware that I need a do for Aiko, and I’m looking for one along the lines of this, the figure below; either the one on the figure at the bottom left, or the top.  Best option would be a “salon” product where I could style my own (if the price isn’t too high).

I don’t need it to be dynamic, as I don’t want to fool with wind on every pose.  I just need that swept-back look. PRESUMABLY, I can then modify it in Anime Studio, for the “dynamic” movement I need.

Anyone seen hair like this?

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I found a couple of similar hairs not exactly what you are looking for but they might work.

This one is actually a set of toon hairs for Sadie from 3DU but they work on any figure with some scaling/trans/rotation adjustments,

Sadie HairStylz:

These are more realistic hairs with TONS of morphs in them:

De Roca Hair:

Xenia Hair:

Sexy Spirit Hair:

If none of those work for you there is always the Look at my Hair plug-in for DS. I have this and it’s really easy to use!
There are a cuple of threads on this plug-in located here:
and here:

Oo another thing is that if you like the bangs from one hair and the actual hair from a different one you can usually put them both on your figure and then go into the surface tab and hide the bits you don’t want to see after applying your textures then just tweak the position and coloring to match and voila custom hair!

Hope this helps!