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Jet engine exhaust in Carrara
Posted: 29 December 2012 03:07 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 16 ]
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Xeidos2 - 29 December 2012 12:56 AM

I haven’t quite figured out how to animate the deformer to make the shape “ripple”

Like I said before, if you’re using the Wave deformer, the “PHASE” slider will allow you to ripple it over time. And if you stack multiple Wave deformers on top of each other, you can get some very interesting rippling.

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What about the fire primitive for an afterburner effect.

just playing around with it I got this

Could be much better with time and tweeking plus maybe some smoke


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I’ve also had some good results using the fire primitive for jets. Albeit a little more sci-fi. wink


I find it somewhat liberating not to be encumbered by accuracy.

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For these taxi scenes an afterburner effect isn’t required.

Here’s the scene with engine effect that I think works best. The key was making an animated texture for the alpha channel that included a fade out to 100 black on the left side of the texture. That way the exhaust shape faded to nothing at it’s end.  Another key was adding a blur to the shape in the effects menu. I like the way the exhaust blurs the front of the jet that’s following it.  I briefly played with a particle system, but it required a huge amount of render time and I really didn’t test it out since the animated alpha texture seemed to do the trick.

In working on animating the wave deformation - the wave seemed to start in the middle of the shape and work it’s way out toward the ends. I couldn’t see a way of changing the orientation of the wave. I clicked on the buttons for the different axis, but the effect didn’t seem to change.  It might make a difference how the shape was oriented when the deform wave was applied.

Again, thanks to everyone for their suggestions

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