A little help with .inj file problems please

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I just installed Stephanie 4 and V4's creature creator morphs in Daz 3, and when I try to use them on V4 it wont add them, the thing that says they are loading pops up, nothing telling me I'm having a problem pops up, but when I go into Parameters there is nothing for Steph or the creature stuff. I tried re-installing them both 4 times but I get the same out come. I even tried installing them in a different folder and then just adding that folder to DAZ, but that didnt work either.

I run DAZ 3 on Windows 7, if that helps at all.


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,773
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    Are you trying to add the morphs to a newly loaded V4, or to one from a saved scene file? The latter won't have the empty channels for the morphs. If you are using a freshly loaded figure from the Poser content library, did you run the updater at the end of the morph installation? If not are you using the PowerLoader (do you get a dialogue box when you load a new V4)?

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