Using poses & Aniblocks in same timeline

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I have been trying to get poses and aniblocks successively on a time line but when I add aniblocks the poses on the timeline disappear. Is this something that can be done?


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    Nope. Animate clears the timeline and takes full control of the timeline when you're using aniblocks. You ned to use either timeline OR Animate.

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    If you apply your pose before adding any aniblocks you can right click a blank area in the aniMate window and select "Create aniBlock From Studio Keyframes. This will pop a 1 second long aniblock of that pose into your timeline. You can rename it, shorten or compress it, save it as an aniblock, and make more pose blocks as needed.

    You can move these pose blocks around in the timeline along with animated aniblocks and everything should blend quite nicely.

    Now if you want to make a corrective pose you can do the same thing but just put the pose block in a new layer above or below your animation. By corrective pose I mean a pose which can be used to slightly offset an animated aniblock.

    For instance you use the "Fast Walk Loop" aniBlock from the Walk Styles 1 set and notice it was made for generation 4 figures so when used with Genesis the feet are bent up too much by about 23 degrees.

    To correct this you can remove any existing blocks from the timeline, or simply click the eyeball icon in the aniMate timeline to turn that layer off, then with Genesis in the default T pose bend both feet down about 23 degrees. Right click in the aniMate window and create a new aniBlock from that pose. You can now re-enable the main layer and move the foot adjust to a subtrack. After that Genesis should walk with it's feet properly flat on the ground using the Fast Walk Loop aniblock.

    This is really handy for easily creating more complex animations. You could make an animation of Genesis in T pose except for looking side to side then put it in a sub track below a walk cycle. Now you have Genesis looking around while walking :)

    Have fun animating!

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    Awesome, thank you! It did not make sense to me that you could only do one or the other......ta..

    More!: The first paragraph you wrote on shorten, compress, save it. Does this work in Animate Lite? When I try to change the length I see "trim disabled" also I am not sure I can save the block.

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