To Pose or not to Pose, that is the question.

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My New Year's resolution is to really learn this software as much as I can.


When it comes to posing, I've noticed a couple of constant problems I'm having:

1) I'll move a character to the position I want, apply a pose and it's moved somewhere else.
2) Very similar if not the same as above, I'll try a couple pose or something. I apply the poses to both say M5 and V5. Then although they have the pose, it's either slightly off (could be user error trying to line them up).

Is there a way to have the character not move when apply the pose on a single character (like stay in place). On a couple pose or anything with more than one object, is there an easier way to get them to "snap" into the correct position with each other.

I make it work as is but get more frustrated than anything. Body parts are often misaligned, etc. and it is taking me an incredibly long time to set up a scene. Not that it isn't fun. I just want to try to learn proper ways as much as possible.

On a positive note, I did recolor an object for the first time steps, more like itty, bitty new born steps.


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    To keep your figure in your position when you apply a pose hold down the Ctrl Key when you apply the pose, turn ALL X,Y,Z translations OFF. It should then stay put where you put it.

    For the Couple stuff if you are using V4/M4 poses you will need to tweak those by hand, they are always going to be just that little bit not right.

    I hope this helps you some. Happy Holidays.

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    Thank you very much. It does help.

    One other thing if I may. Should I leave Turn Limits on or off? I've been experimenting some to see what the differences are and haven't noticed much however sometimes I notice the figure is physically changed like being taller, more muscular after a pose.

    Thanks again, just trying to figure out how it works.

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    Limits on and Limits off really depends on the Pose from my testing. Some times one works better than the other. I often try both just to see what changes. Some poses seem to be to extreme for Limits On but then are not even close with Limits Off. I just use the Best I can get and then hand edit the pose. Hint, I hand edit most poses any way.

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    ok sounds least in all of my meandering my way I'm doing some things half way decent. I'm starting to try both to see which is best, sometimes one really does work better than the other.

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    Gald I could be of help. Have many happy renders and a great New Year.

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